Listen: Is our universe actually a hologram?

The idea that the universe is a hologram may seem strange at first, but listen as an expert takes you through it in just five minutes.
hologram hand (holographic principle concept)

One of the most mind-blowing ideas in physics, called the holographic principle, is that our universe is actually a hologram.

“It turns out that this idea of the holographic principle or the universe is a hologram… actually helps us to solve some of the thorniest puzzles that arise when you try to combine quantum mechanics and general relativity,” says Matthew Headrick, an assistant professor of physics at Brandeis University.

“As theoretical physicists, we’re not satisfied to have two different theories. We need one, unified theory which encompasses both, and that’s a very hard problem,” Headrick says.

In this first episode of The Take: Big Ideas Explained in Under Five Minutes, Headrick explains the holographic principle and why it excites scientists.

Source: Brandeis University

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