History of War


Author: Jonathan Fennell Publisher: Cambridge University Press Price: £25.00

With the centenary of Word War I now drawing to a close, it’s possible to take stock of the plethora of books that have been published on the conflict in the past four years. While many have simply gone over old ground, some have offered the

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History of War3 min lettiInternational Relations
Gulf War
Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi forces invade Kuwait to gain more control over its oil supply. Kuwaiti forces are overwhelmed and Saudi Arabia comes under the threat of invasion. A follow-up conquest of Saudi Arabia has the potential to
History of War1 min letti
Further Reading
CGravett, Tewkesbury 1471, Osprey 2003 PWHammond, The Battles Of Barnet And Tewkesbury, Sutton Publishing 1993 J James, Edward IV: Glorious Son Of York,Amberley M Lewis, The Wars of the Roses: The Key Players In The Struggle For Supremacy, Amberley 2
History of War3 min letti
Battle For Khafji
The battle of Khafji was to be one of national prestige and as the area was Saudi soil, it was felt that the Saudi National Guard, with support from Qatari troops, should be given the role of driving the Iraqis out. These forces were under General Kh