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Dock Blockers

I think we’ve all had this happen to us before at the most inopportune time. Let’s call it a Friday afternoon. You’re strolling down the dock towards your boat, carrying two bags and ready for another fun weekend

But suddenly, about ten slips down the dock, you spot them. They’re not from around here; you can easily tell even from this

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Power & Motoryacht3 min letti
Sleepless in Long Beach
Ahhh, the life of a yacht designer. Some of you probably think it’s all glamorous. You imagine us choppering from the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel to the bow of some superyacht for lunch. Or cruising to the Ocean Reef Club with a client for a privat
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Bavaria Vido 33
Bavaria has long been known for producing a range of inboard family cruisers and sailboats at its yard in Giebelstadt, Germany. Apart from a sister company that builds catamarans in Southwestern France, and one failed dip into day boats 20 years ago,
Power & Motoryacht13 min letti
Joe Namath - Still in the Game
I decided to pack the jersey. It was still wrapped in a layer of squeaky plastic, but I placed it gingerly into the waterproof rucksack with the same level of care a curator would afford to an original Monet. Stepping out of the Lyft, I wondered if a