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‘EVENTS, dear boy, events,' Harold Macmillan told a journalist when asked what things were most likely to rock governments and change the course of history. There have certainly been plenty of major events over the past 12

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Final Analysis
There are three ways to photograph something that’s moving. Either we set a short shutter to freeze the action, a long shutter to blur it, or one of those in-between speeds that makes it all look like a thoughtless error. When faced with a moving sub
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Also Out Now
By Paul Trevor, Hoxton Mini Press, £25, 140 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-1-910566-50-3 ONE OF the joys of photography is that unsung heroes are still being discovered. Paul Trevor is a great example – a black & white documentary photographer who shot
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Focal Points
The M6 Mark II has a generous set of in-camera processing tools that allow you to view, process and edit your images in-camera. In addition to fairly standard fixes such as cropping images, fixing red-eye or adding/toning down things like contrast an