Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

A split market?


The market for classic Japanese and Italian motorcycles is now dividing in two. The machines that are perfect in every detail are rapidly increasing in value. However, those that are ‘bitsas’ and not investment grade are losing some value and will stagnate by comparison. As values increase, buyers are becoming far more

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min letti
Kat’s Pounce!
The name ‘Katana’ brings to mind a sharp, curved blade, used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Fitting then, that the name would be used on the winner of a cutting-edge design exercise that German motorcycle magazine Motorrad started back in 1979. They
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics3 min letti
Honda CG125
Numbers count when it comes to motor vehicles and the more a particular model sells, the better its reliability and longevity are likely to be… think Model T Ford or air-cooled VW Beetle. So if you’re after a tiddler for easy access riding or in need
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics6 min letti
Spa-ring Partners!
It is 5am Thursday morning, the sun is rising, and we have just arrived at the Eurotunnel, Folkestone. Spa 2019 is finally here. There’s nothing more we can do and the van is packed to bursting. We will meet Team Allspeed’s Geoff and Willy there, w