Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Beyond the Surface

I was born in Liverpool, England, and at an early age immersed myself in European comic books, fascinated by the amazingly detailed art. Most of my youth was spent copying my favourite artists hoping one day to become one myself. The first clue I had to having

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration3 min letti
Spotted Pardalotes on Pink Flowering Gum
The first step entails working out the content of the image, materials, composition and the source imagery that inspires you. For example if you intend to create a realistic portrait of a dog you either need a dog or a photo of a dog to build that po
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min letti
Eating fish and chips on the beach was the best way to gather resource photos for this painting. Seagulls appear from seemingly nowhere once the strong whiff of this traditional beach picnic is in the air. I took a lot of photographs of seagulls then
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min letti
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Draw a subject matter that interests you and that you enjoy. • Always keep a clean piece of paper under your drawing hand to prevent smudging and oil from your skin transferring to the artwork. • Keep your pencils as fine and as sharp as possible t