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My home and studio is at Leonay, an outer Sydney suburb. I was born in East Germany. My wife and I arrived in Australia in November 1960; and in 1966 we moved into a new house at Leonay where we have lived ever since.

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Artist's Back to Basics3 min letti
Umbrellas in Brisbane
The first stage was to lay out the four photographs taken at the street corner. I cut and pasted some of the figures from each shot until I compiled a pleasing mix of action in the rain. Once done, I gridded the photograph and transposed the images f
Artist's Back to Basics7 min letti
Shades of Grey
I have written about hatching and crosshatching before (issue 2-1) but I am going to keep adding to it as we go along as it’s such an important and integral part of my style of freehand drawing. I’ve developed my own particular way of drawing natural
Artist's Back to Basics3 min letti
Removing Paint From Watercolour Paper
Watercolour paper can be very forgiving. Once you learn how to manipulate the paper, you will be able to effectively remove any paint spills or splatters on your work. As a botanical artist, my work is done with no painted background, so any dropped