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Potatoes are grown in poly bags for ease of growing and harvesting and also showing. I grow a few early potatoes in 20-litre poly bags. These can be started off early in a cold greenhouse or polytunnel then taken outside in a few weeks. I fill the poly bags with multipurpose compost and add a handful of potato fertiliser to each bag mix. The potatoes are placed as deep in the

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Back To Basics: Tree Fruit
Welcome back to my two-part beginner’s guide to growing fruit trees. Last month we looked at how to choose the right fruit for you, and also had a look at pollination groups. This month we delve a little deeper into the knowledge you need to choose y
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HOME-GROWN Flavour You Never Forget
I’m hooked on growing tomatoes and judging by their popularity among gardeners generally I’m guessing so are many of you. Apart from the magical flavour growing this lovely crop gives you, there is also such variety in terms of colour, shape and form
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Create And Propagate
Many seeds, especially during late winter and early spring, when temperatures are cool and light levels still low, need a little extra help to germinate and thrive. Propagation equipment can be expensive. Here are some ways to make your own, using ho