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You can fit a compost bin such as a Dalek type bin on the smallest of plots. Worm bins are good because once you get an established population of worms you may find you will keep feeding the bin and nothing much comes

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Favourite Varieties
‘GREEN UTAH’: Long, green and crunchy stalks with excellent flavour and very popular in the USA. Matures September to December. (Kings Seeds) ‘PINK’: Attractive pink-tinged stems on vigorous plants with good disease resistance. Early maturing from Au
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Hand-pollinate Sweetcorn
This is really easy to do and I recommend it for home growers. To do this, I knock the pollen from the top flowering part of the corn (the tassels) into a plastic container. I then use a wide, dry paintbrush to paint the pollen on to the ‘silks’ that
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WORTH OVER £918 Thorndown is a specialist water-based paint manufacturer that makes wonderful ranges of Wood Paint and Peelable Glass Paint from its factory in Glastonbury, Somerset. These high- performing eco paints are designed to be the best for e