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With the special Wiggly Winter Bundle, you’ll get everything you need to prepare for winter bird feeding, with two of Wiggly Wigglers’ best-selling birdseed mixes featuring a host of different seeds to appeal to different birds, plus suet and dried mealworms. For

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Poppy Appeal
Putting the poppy heads on to the top of my canes is a great way of protecting your eyes. This year we had self-seeded poppies and a few months ago they looked absolutely amazing. They really did, they were wonderful! I’m actually drying some of them
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WISE UP To weeds!
Managing weeds is probably the most difficult part of organic growing. Getting on top of weeds without chemicals takes more planning, ingenuity, creativity and sometimes patience, but it is worth it! How or when we choose to manage weeds is a matter
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Mudketeers’ Club
If you are, that makes you a member of our Mudketeers’ Club, a dedicated website for subscribers ONLY. includes exciting offers, brand new seed variety trials, competitions and unique features just for you. Go to www.mudketeers.c