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My first taste of Sicily is a palm-sized ball of deep-fried rice with a gooey pistachio pesto centre. It’s simultaneously soft and crunchy, perfectly spherical … and also, female. “Now pay attention,” says Francesca Incao, the fabulously expressive Italian guide taking me on a historical walking tour of Palermo. “For us, this food is a female named arancina!” She emphasises the “a” sound with a flourish of her slender hand, “and it is the shape of an orange. No arancino”. She almost hisses the last word.

At the other end of Sicily, in the eastern town of Catania – home to the football club that’s the Palermo team’s fiercest rival – these saffron-flavoured street snacks are deemed male and named . And that makes perfect sense when you observe that they’re made with a more pointed

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Funny Bunny
Q: What do you get when you pour hot chocolate sauce over an Easter bunny? A: A hot, cross bunny! (We’ll show ourselves out.) Head to taste.co.za for the recipe for this Easter-themed improvement of the pull-up Barbie cake that’s all over Instagram.
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The Taste case
If Cab Franc were a person, it would be much better looking than its popular cousin Cabernet Sauvignon, and have a more interesting personality. In SA, it’s synonymous with Raats Family Wines, who not only produce some of the best examples globally,
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The Power Of Sour
One of the most common features of indigenous foods is the use of fermented ingredients. Before the age of electricity, many foods had to be fermented to make them last – and the tradition continues. Fermentation adds flavour and structure, as well b