Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

A visit to Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is an opportunity to rest and recharge. Many guests arrive seeking an immersive wellness experience with the chance to disconnect from their busy life and simply feel better. A key component of a stay at Gwinganna is wellness education. Gwinganna invests heavily in this area, knowing that lifestyle change can only come from guests understanding their bodies and minds and learning preventative healthcare strategies.

General Manager and Wellness Director

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WellBeing18 min letti
Chronic Pain
Pain is a fascinating topic as it covers so many parameters of living. Pain is not just an unpleasant physical sensation. It is intimately influenced by attitudes, beliefs, personality and social factors, and affects physical as well as mental and em
WellBeing1 min letti
A Chinese proverb says, “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” Amid the hustle and bustle of your everyday life — between your family, your job, your partner, and your social and your online life — take a moment to breat
WellBeing8 min letti
Fabulous Feet
Thinking on your feet, cold feet, square feet, two left feet, six feet apart … for all of the time you’ve spent staring at your feet, how well do you really know them? Did you know that it takes a quarter of the bones in the human body to make up the