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Gavin Harris

for most of us, childhood fantasies remain just that; they fade around the edges and lose their lustre, slowly evanescing into obscurity. But Cult designer Gavin Harris has held onto his love of sci-fi, Sid Mead and all things mind-bending and time-altering. Harbouring an intense fascination with the

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Grand Designs Australia1 min letti
Project Team
ARCHITECT/INTERIOR DESIGNER Timmins+Whyte Architects, BUILDER Barkers Burke Construction — Robin Riotto STRUCTURAL ENGINEER R Bliem & Associates Lighting Red Sock Lighting External green furniture Cult Design Dining table/cha
Grand Designs Australia3 min letti
Tooth And Nail
Like autumn leaves, affluence flutters from the pink trumpet trees lining the streets of Paddington, 3km from the Brisbane CBD. The neighbourhood has a new “bricks and mortar” resident that bucks the trend by assuming a demure facade that conceals a
Grand Designs Australia6 min letti
GLASS glorious GLASS
Glass is something we often take for granted. It’s moulded into the vessels we drink from, it’s on the face of our phones, TV screens, in light fittings and, of course, in windows and doors. Technology has given rise to a new age in innovative glas