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By her own account, New Zealand-born caterer Brigid Kennedy gained her first job picking raspberries at the age of 10 and has been “full throttle” ever since. “Growing up in the Taranaki region of the North Island in the 1970s, we knew about hard work,” she says. “Britain had entered the EU [European Union], so suddenly the demand for New Zealand butter and lamb just disappeared. They were tough times for farmers all over the country. My mother went back to working as a nurse and we all had to help out on the farm. I wanted a bike, and there was no way I was getting one without earning the money to pay for it myself.”

There may not have been much fruit on the sideboard, but there was always plenty of food on the table. Brigid recalls growing up in a

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Australian Country Homes4 min letti
Seasonal Progress
Every metre of the towering bunya pines that stand stoic at the edge of this beautiful property has seen a story. Saplings might tell of the flurry of activity back in 1888 as a four-bedroom cottage rose from the red soil. Young trees reaching skywar
Australian Country Homes5 min letti
Pioneers In Paradise
As Rowan Peart sees it, back in the day, everyone had cousins in the country and most likely visited them frequently. But with increasing urbanisation that is no longer the case, and the country-city divide is at risk of developing into a chasm. So R
Australian Country Homes7 min letti
Made In Chelsea
Ric Glenn has been up since 4am preparing for Australian Country Homes’ visit. Not, as it turns out, ensuring that the reverse stripes of the immaculately mown lawns of the gardens on the 93-acre (38-hectare) Cadogan Estate are in order. Nor that the