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CHILDREN EXPERIENCE ART AT school, though much of it is elective through secondary education. Since the funding changes known as Gonski 2.0 were passed, the national school curriculum is about to shift, with a key emphasis on learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), skills testing and individualised programs.

Will art education be marginalised in the new curriculum while ‘core’ subjects are better valued and resourced? Far from it.

Unpacking the recommended reforms is important in illuminating the central place of art education for fostering the very knowledge and skills that are foundational for achieving mandated curriculum change. Now schools must teach creativity and children must learn to innovate.

Earlier this year the Australian Senate ratified the recommendations of the , better

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We Should Be More Afraid Of The Sun Than The Moon Anna Louise Richardson
Anna Louise Richardson’s charcoal and graphite drawings are luscious and dramatic. Her subject matter can be confronting: a hanging carcass, an oversized fly, amplified by the depth and tone of her drawings. Muscle is glossy; hairs are defined. Ideas
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Robert Klippel Sculpture-in-the-landscape
Not long ago I encountered the sculpture No.247 Metal construction (1965–68) in the exhibition ‘Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel’ at TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria. It was set centrally in the space, backlit by a large window on the far wall.
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Process Zoë Croggon
From the onset of puberty I have suffered from chronic migraines. The word migraine comes from the Greek ‘hemi-krania’, or half skull, referring to pain on one side of the head. This conception of the half, the halving of the body that migraine infli