Projector resolution LED 720p HD, 52-359cm size Speakers 4x 10W full-range drivers, 50W subwoofer Cameras 13MP 360-degree top camera, 5MP front camera Operating system Keecker OS1, Android TV 7 Storage 32GB or 128GB Dimensions 38.8x37.8x39.7cm Weight 9.4kg

Technology is on the cusp of something huge. All the advances in sensors, AI and batteries mean that the dream of home robots to assist us is within reach. Okay, it won’t exactly be The Jetsons or I, Robot at first (which is probably a good thing, in the latter case), but the path that started with time-saving robot vacuums is leading somewhere really exciting. The next big step looks like the bot we have here: Keecker.

Short and sweet

Standing 15 inches tall, Keecker trundles around your home like a baby dalek. It’s filled with AV equipment, and entertainment is its big focus, with a small side of security. The biggest feature is its HD projector, which enablesan Android TV-powered screen on any wall or ceiling. Backed by four speakers and a subwoofer for meaty sound, the idea is that this is an entertainment system that can find its way around your house to set up anywhere. Netflix binge in the kitchen? Summon Keecker! Project a movie on the ceiling while you lie in bed? Summon Keecker (assuming your bedroom is on the same floor)!

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