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Ralph Lauren: Why The World Needs Him Now More Than Ever
When it came time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this magazine, I knew there was only one man who could be on our cover. And it didn’t bother me that he had graced the front of The Rake twice before, because each of those covers created some of
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by nick scott and charlie thomas In construction circles, the family name Bamford is best known for the excavation vehicles bearing the initials JCB. In horological circles, the name belongs to George Bamford, and it conjures images of a hyper-innova
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The Real Mckay
The issue of Life magazine that hit the newsstands on July 6, 1959 bore the image of an almost excruciatingly handsome man, then 27 years old, staring into the middle distance: dash-of-salt, tousled hair; lips puckered rakishly; and eyes fixed in a g