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Issue 201 April 2018

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Digital Camera World1 min letti
Digital Camera World
Editor Niall Hampton Contributing editors Marcus Hawkins & Claire Gillo Technique editor Alistair Campbell Art editor Roddy Llewellyn Operations editor Richar
Digital Camera World1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Magical Murmurations
Julie lives in North Yorkshire and these photos were taken just outside Catterick. She enjoys photographing many different subjects, including the countryside, waterfalls, insects and flowers, as well as her pets. For these shots, Julie rested agains
Digital Camera World1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Fine-tune With Filters
Although ND grads aren’t as essential as they were in the days of film, they are useful to have in your bag if you’re a photographer who enjoys getting everything right in-camera. Two other filters that are definitely worth packing are a strong ND fi