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Category 1 Urban Landscape


Winner Peter Stevens

I love the textures of the buildings in the background, teamed against the vibrant colours of the people below. The photographer has created an interesting image

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Standard Zoom Lenses
Standard zoom lenses cover most eventualities for day-to-day shooting, so it pays to have a good one. You can buy most Canon and Nikon SLRs as complete kits with a standard zoom. In the APS-C format camp, the most popular option is a light and fairly
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2 Capture Deer Like A Roe Pro
Deer are majestic animals worthy of your attention, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro in wildlife photography. The UK is filled with great deer parks that make it easy to get close to them and bag some great portraits, and the
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Warrior 1 James Abbott
With urban portraits like this, the model’s style – their clothes, hair, make-up and accessories – in combination with the location make the image almost complete at the point of capture. Editing simply becomes the finishing touch that lifts the imag