“Slippery as an eel up here” I said aloud to nobody but myself as my front tire drifted out of the apex of the turn. The ground was baked hard as concrete, coated with a skim of dust, dried leaves and dead grass; a toxic combination with about as much traction as an air hockey table. This particular trail, carved laboriously into the side of a steep hill behind my barn over the previous two winters, is a narrow exercise in wheel placement and constant turns. It punishes lapsed concentration even when the traction is ideal.

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I drafted a few deep, philosophical analogies to lead us into this review, but I scrapped them all. The Murmur isn’t about the clever wordplay or fancy sentence structure that typical Bike intros normally traffic in. The Murmur is about riding your d
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Home Loam
MAY 20, 2020 2:51 P.M. TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA Some would say Terrace, British Columbia, is a form of social distancing in itself. Some, indeed, would be right. When zoomed out on Google Maps, it looks like Terrace is sniffiffing Alaska’s lower coa
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Digging Toward Detachment
TOWERING FIRS CREAKED AND GROANED AS they swayed in the canopy of a moody Blackcomb forest, a once-peaceful sanctuary not far from Whistler’s din. As I stood there silently, I thought back to when this exact spot used to be eerily quiet. A wild place