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In 1964, the first public memorial to the Holocaust in the United States was unveiled in a solemn ceremony in Philadelphia. The bronze-on-black granite sculpture called “Six Million Jewish Martyrs” was the work of artist Nathan Rapoport, who fled his native Poland when the Nazis invaded Warsaw. It was commissioned by a group of Philadelphia-area Holocaust survivors and Jewish civic leaders. The sculpture, which depicts images of resistance, innocence and faith, has sat unchanged on its perch along the Benjamin

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Lilly Seeks Emergency Use Of Its Antibody Drug For Covid-19
A drug company says it has asked the U.S. government to allow emergency use of an experimental antibody therapy based on early results from a study that suggested the drug reduced symptoms, the amount of virus, hospitalizations and ER visits for pati
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Boeing Says Pandemic Will Cut Demand For Planes For A Decade
Boeing is lowering its expectations around demand for new planes over the next decade as the coronavirus pandemic continues to undercut air travel. The company predicted that the world will need 18,350 new commercial airplanes in the next decade, a d
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As part of a round of promotional activities commemorating 30 years since her eponymous debut studio album, pop favorite Mariah Carey has released this, a collection of little-known and previously unreleased material spanning her decades-long career.