History of War


All warfare is brutal, but medieval battles could be uniquely intense. Although bows, spears and siege weapons provided some distance, the majority of fighting was hand to hand. The Middle

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History of War1 min lettiChemistry
Of all the weapons unleashed during the First World War, the mass deployment of poisonous gas on the Western Front arguably had the most horrific and shocking impact. From the first major use of chlorine gas at Ypres in 1915, these weaponised chemica
History of War1 min letti
Henry Viii’s Armour
Although Henry VIII (r.1509-47) is most famous for his six wives, he personally wanted to be remembered as a warrior. Casting himself as the spiritual successor to his predecessor and namesake Henry V, the king conducted several campaigns in France b
History of War6 min letti
Thomas Custer
Aged just 16 when the US Civil War broke out in 1861, Thomas Ward Custer was too young to enlist. However, eager to fight alongside his celebrated older brother, George, for the Union, he simply lied about his age and joined the 21st Ohio Volunteer I