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The Kavanaugh Nomination

City Journal writers weigh in.

The Truth About Polygraph Tests

Claire BerlinskiThey’re junk science, inadmissible in court, and about as reliable as a pack of Tarot cards.September 19, 2018


Kay S. HymowitzThose who argue that what Brett Kavanaugh allegedly did is disqualifying ​need to consider the precedent they’re setting.September 18, 2018

The Dems “Anita” Brett Kavanaugh

Myron MagnetHow low will they go?September 16, 2018

A “Penchant” for Innuendo

Lance MorrowWith one word, the New York Times attempts to cast a shadow on Brett Kavanaugh’s character.September 10, 2018

John Dean Swings and Misses

Adam FreedmanThe notion that Brett Kavanaugh supports “unchecked” presidential power is pure fabrication.September 10, 2018

Firing Blanks

John O. McGinnisThe furious Democratic attack on Brett Kavanaugh had little substance behind it.September 7, 201

Ben Sasse’s Master Class

James R. CoplandAt the often-farcical first-day hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Nebraska senator explains the Constitution’s separation of powers.September 5, 2018

Confirmation Bias

Seth BarronInterpreting a mundane hand gesture as evil incarnate, the anti-Trump #Resistance races over the edge of rationality.September 5, 2018

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