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Final Analysis Roger Hicks considers…

How do other photographers’ minds work? How do they decide what to shoot? How does one series of pictures lead to (or morph into) another? Sandy Weir’s website is an interesting insight into these questions. This picture is from his Abstract gallery, and raises the question of exactly when an

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Amateur Photographer1 min letti
Letter Of The Week
I was a big fan of Kodachrome 64 slide film. The colour rendition, sharpness, and lack of grain were quite exceptional for 35mm. There was always the wait to see your results and when they arrived what you saw was what you got. I have been scanning m
Amateur Photographer1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Focal Points
Fujifilm offers the best lens line-up of any APS-C system, with 30 optics available covering a range from 12mm to 600mm equivalent. A tiny built-in flash pops up from the front of the viewfinder housing, released by a switch around the dial on the ca
Amateur Photographer3 min letti
Viewpoint Arthur Allan
I’d never heard of Robert Blomfield. Not until AP published a stunning selection of his Edinburgh pictures (AP 21 November 2020). He captured its 1950s and 1960s perfectly: grey tenements looming out of the fog, kids playing in cobbled streets with a