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Beam Me Up, Scottie

Telepresence is all set to give your office a Star Trek feel.

The many video conferencing software tools we have at our disposal barely cut it when it comes to meaningful meetings. True, they get the job done; but they're disembodied and artificial with the technology very much getting in

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No Business As Usual; The Game Has Changed
Among the few books that are interesting and inspirational, Alfred Sloan’s My Years with General Motors lays out his brilliant managerial practices and provides insights into the new consumer economy that he and General Motors created over half a cen
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Lessons From The Pandemic
Flexibility and resilience are key to driving business. This mantra has become stronger through this crisis. It is essential to think creatively, exercise agility and take advantage of opportunities. Importance of business continuity plan (BCP)/multi
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Will Develop The Distributed Delivery Model
It was the Great Recession of 2007. The very survival of Ford Motor Company’s legacy was at stake. Bill Ford Jr., the Executive Chairman, approached family members (who held close to 40 per cent shares) to allow him to pledge their blue Ford oval as