Trying To Change Your Dog's Behavior? Owners 'Are Half Of That Story,' Author Says

"We have to realize that what we want them to do is one thing, but what are we doing to actually create and facilitate that behavior?" author Kim Brophey says.
"Meet Your Dog," by Kim Brophey. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

In her new book “Meet Your Dog: The Game Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior,” canine behavior consultant Kim Brophey puts forth her system for understanding the factors that shape how dogs act. She shares her strategies with Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson.

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Understanding Your Pup: The L.E.G.S. System

“‘L’ is learning, and the learning is your dog’s experiences and education in life. So a lot of times, that’s the primary cultural value we have, that it’s ‘all how you raise them.’ They’re tabula rasa, blank-slate puppies, and we can just make them what we want them to be. But then there’s these three other legs that we need to talk about

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