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How to make croquettes, including one that tastes like fried chicken salad

See, this is why I'm glad I'm not learning English as a second language. If I were a native Bhutanese Dzongha speaker, for example, I'd be hard-pressed to differentiate between the King of the Wild Frontier, a bite-size, deep-fried treat and a lawn game of wooden balls and mallets. Being a Sanguine-American, though, I know immediately that it's Crockett, croquette and croquet.

And, while all three are undeniably a few of my favorite things, today we'll focus on the treat and save Fess Parker and his wickets for another day. Today is all about croquettes.


As the heart longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul to put leftovers to good use. And leftovers disguised as croquettes? Why, they're like those aliens that walk among us in human

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