The Rake


If there is another breed of dog my size — roughly that of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi — with as menacing a moniker as the ‘Vikingarnas Hund’, I’ve yet to meet it. It is a name surely meant to be emblazoned, in some imposing Gothic font, across sweat-soaked,

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The Rake7 min letti
Wild Life
Handsome as a matinee idol from boyhood through old age, Peter Beard looked like a Ralph Lauren model. And lending substance to style, a narrative to the aesthetic, he lived like a Ralph Lauren muse. Beard’s family background and exotic, peripatetic
The Rake4 min letti
A Display Of Supreme Intelligence
Those still labouring under the notion that ‘bold’ and ‘discreet’ are mutually exclusive concepts would surely change their minds should they make the pilgrimage — a bucket-list-topping experience for anyone with even a passing interest in watches —
The Rake5 min letti
Letter From The Editor
I’ve never been someone to invite change. When I was little, a few things happened that scrambled my comprehension that life was reliable and happy, and that things would follow a linear, if not uneventful, path until I perhaps fell in love, got marr