Source: Terry Ketlinski, the Mogul Master, straight up killing the bumps at Wilmot, Wisconsin.

Terry really wants to click his poles against my poles, in mid air. This is not sexual innuendo. It’s a trick he just came up with. We’re at the top of 230 vertical feet of muddy, slushy bumps at Wilmot Mountain, Wisconsin. A bleak gray sky stretches out across the equally bleak gray, and very flat, horizon. Below sit two freestyle kickers, the first so straight up it feels like

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Still Processing
It was an essential part of my life as a photographer—running down to Borge Andersen & Associates to get the film in for E-6 processing after a day of shooting, then heading back to the lab to pick up the slides first thing in the morning. Back in my
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Women, Sign Up Now For Our New Women’s Ski Clinics For Women!
Code red! It dumped a foot overnight and then Aunt Flo showed up unannounced. Learn and practice techniques to shred while you shed your uterine lining! (Not unlike the techniques you use every month to carry on with your life and responsibilities de
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New Year, New You. But What Do the Stars Say?
It is time to take an inventory of what’s within your astrological snowpack. Even the most pillowy line can hide instabilities like depth hoar, sun glaze, or a sketchy boyfriend who just needed to “crash for a week or two” at your place. For 2020, in