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Source: Exposure X2 offers 500 presets, which you can customise with the help of simple slider controls.

1 Alien Skin Exposure X2

£121/$149 Windows & macOS

EXPOSURE is aiming to be more than just an effects plug-in, as you can also use it to cull and organise your photos. New features in version X2, like spot healing and lens distortion correction, further add to Exposure’s versatility.

But it’s Exposure’s huge range of over 500 effect presets that impresses most. The selection on offer includes numerous emulations of real colour and monochrome film stocks, as well as a decent selection of generic retro looks. All of these can be extensively customised to adjust everything from colour and detail to grain and vignetting, while a Brush tool allows you to selectively adjust a specific image area or stack multiple

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In your camera’s semiautomatic modes like Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, you are able to input some of the exposure data such as aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The camera will then use its built-in metering algorithms to work out the rest
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