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Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Source: 1 The Quick, Guided and Expert modes cater for three different user levels.2 The Guided mode walks you through the tools that are used for the popular image effects.3 Elements is powerful enough to create some sophisticated and intricate images.



Photoshop Elements is actually two programs, not one.

You import, tag, organise and search your photos with the Organizer; but when

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In Focus
Canon announces the development of a pro-spec full-frame mirrorless model and commits to 17 lenses by the end of 2020, including a new travel-friendly telephoto Eighteen months after making its first step E into the full-frame mirrorless market with
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Developed by the Joint Photographic Expert Group, JPEG utilises a ‘lossy’ compression algorithm. Each time a JPEG file is opened, the image data is uncompressed. Close it, and the data is compressed down. It’s one of the reasons why JPEGs have such h
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Create Vintage Effects
Some time ago, I did a class on wet-plate photography. Wet-plate was the main form of photo creation in the American Civil War era, often practised by photographers in travelling wagons, pulled by horses. In this process, you create the plate, shoot