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Why eggs are good for you: New study shows eggs aren't the devils that increase risk of heart disease

After years of being shunned as the culprits behind heart disease, new research suggests that eggs are actually good for you

"Off with eggs," said his doctor. "So what the egg do I eat now?" The doctor stared him down. With sky high cholesterol numbers, eggs were brushed aside from his table like unwelcome guests at a party. It was pretty rough, after years of starting his day with sunny side ups. But he leaned into the emptiness left by eggs, zen like, embracing all the chaos for good: the snap and crackle of cereals, the chalky egg white omelettes, the spongy tofu scrambles, the anti cholesterol statin drugs messing up his tastebuds and giving him constipation, the chatter out there on Google linking egg deprivation to insanity.

Then boom it's 2017. Suddenly eggs are back as the new superstar of the table. Social media is flooded with Cloud Eggs, the "new breakfast craze". Fashionable foodies are advising why you must crack an egg into your coffee cup, an old Vietnamese drink that has suddenly gone very 'It'. Food editors are writing totally egg cookbooks. Celebrity chefs are calling eggs the "ultimate fast food". Supermarket shelves are filling up with a bewildering choice of speciality eggs: organic, herbal, omega 3, cage free. Egg eateries, with the coolest of names and the hottest of menus, are hatching everywhere, from New York to Navi Mumbai. And a host of super centenarians are claiming the egg as the "secret" of their longevity. What's going on? It's the patient's turn to stare down his doctor.


There's something else in the air. The appetising scent of wholesome science that's giving the egg back its reputation. An explosion of new research has emerged on the shifting winds of nutrition around the world, debunking the "bad science" behind long standing diet guidelines that demonised some foods (say, eggs) and glorified others (say, breads). The ubiquitous, unremarkable, unassuming egg stands as

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