When Do You Really Need the Next Big Thing?

Surviving the cycle of innovation isn’t about technology. It’s about timing

IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE the cycle of innovation—that continuous process of discovery, incubation, acceleration, and scaling—there’s something you need to know: If you remain a romantic, and attached to a legacy technology or trend, you are going to lose. One reason I’ve been so successful in my career is because I follow consumer attention. I don’t hold onto what got me here. Yesterday, it

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Hitting the High Notes
We are a nation of neophiliacs. We worship the new, whether it’s fashion, cinema, gadgetry, or, especially, business. Why else would a new company like Harry’s that sells an old product like razors command a $1 billion valuation for $100 million in s
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The Real Workforce Impact of HR Technology
Technology’s outsized role in almost every aspect of modern-day life and business is evident everywhere you look, and its fundamental role has shifted. As Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management observes, “We’
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Why Direct to Consumer Has Worked
Evan Carp founded Snuggle Buddies in 2013 to help customers combat loneliness, insomnia, and anxiety. For $80 an hour—or up to $400 for an overnight stay—a professional cuddler comes to you, offering a platonic touching experience intended to promote