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Elevate Your Yoga
Aerial yoga is another great area to explore. Add a new dimension to your practice with the addition of an aerial yoga sling. This extra wide piece of fabric acts as a support to aid movement through traditional yoga postures as well as providing a b
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Teacher Training Guide 2021
Aegialis School of Yoga – Greece ■
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Beginner Brain
One of the bonuses of the pandemic has been the proliferation of online classes of all sorts. Sometimes I even attend a class that’s nothing to do with yoga! Recently, I’ve been going to art class with a teacher in the US. She teaches a method of cre
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Welcome to OM’s annual yoga teacher training guide. If you’re a yoga student looking to make the leap into teaching then you’re in the right place. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about choosing the right course for you, what to expec
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Choosing The RIGHT Course
Since Covid-19 we have all found out, as yoga practitioners, how beneficial it has been during lockdown to be able to continue with our classes online. The pandemic has caused us to reflect on our lives and how we may want to change them in the futur
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Tales From A Teacher
I have been running YTT programmes for 21 years now, all over the world, and in many ways, they all roll into one seamless journey. It is mind-boggling how much the students grow, laugh, cry, and bond during three long, short weeks. I have learned to
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Yoga Changed My Life
Name: Emma Wykes Age: 48 Occupation: COO, Seedlip Drinks Yoga years: 21+ Why did you start yoga? My yoga journey really began 21 years ago with Bikram Yoga at the Chiswick studio. I had just run the London marathon and my body was in so much pain. My
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Being In Unity
In September 2019 I opened the Unity Centre, in Lewes, East Sussex. I’d set it up in direct response to witnessing how so few people benefit significantly from the principles and practice of yoga when there’s a need to consider all physical or mental
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True Grit: 4 Yogis Who Overcame Adversity
After suffering ill health as a child and a teenager, culminating in a heart attack aged just 13, yoga changed everything for Joseph Encinia Meet Joseph Encinia, a Texan native with a proud Mexican heritage. He’s now a patriarch of his local communit
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Conscious Counsel
Anyone who’s ever watched a legal drama on TV will know it’s a pretty tough and ruthless business to be in, even if you remove a few cliches along the way. And it is. But the times are changing. Cory Sterling is the founder of the heart-leading law f
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How To Choose A YTT Course
Do your research! Find out how experienced the trainer is and how many years they’ve been teaching and training. To ensure high standards they should also be registered with a well-known accreditation provider. Visit their website, social media platf
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OM meets… Zakiya Bishton
How did you first get into yoga? I first did yoga as a 17-year-old youngster in Birmingham, where I was born and grew up. I found a yoga book for beginners browsing in a bookshop, bought it, and started practicing some postures at home. I have no ide
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The Digital Experience
Over the last year so many things have changed, not least the yoga industry. We have moved from in-person classes, workshops and trainings to being able to follow our favourite teachers via the convenience of our devices in our own homes. But is this
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Insurance Matters
As the UK starts to ease from lockdown restrictions, yoga teachers, many of whom have worked creatively to offer online options for their clients, can once again return to face-to-face classes. This is a new and exciting time for many, with opportuni
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Where Can I Teach Kids Yoga?
Yoga for children has countless benefits. It Improves strength and flexibility, increases self-confidence and builds a positive self-image and raises emotional resilience, among many other benefits. By sharing yoga for children in a variety of places
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3 Poses To Bliss
Hands up if you need a holiday! Most of us have had to forgo or change our usual travel and leisure plans recently, however, that doesn’t stop you from creating your own inner sanctuary and feelings of bliss. Many scientific studies have proven that
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Eat Drink Yoga
Perfect for picnics! Pack in some of these perfectly portioned, single serve 250ml cans for refined refreshment on the go. Belvoir Sparkling Elderflower, Raspberry Lemonade and Ginger Beer are made with real fruit juices mixed with lightly sparkling
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Core Skills
Becoming a yoga teacher is not the end but rather the beginning of your immersion into the world of yoga. For most of us this becomes a lifelong process of learning; a journey filled with passion and curiosity as we impart and deepen our knowledge an
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The Perfect Balance
Eighteen months ago, the idea of attending a live yoga class online, let alone training to be a teacher, was something few had considered. Yoga was either at the gym, in a studio, or via YouTube with Adriene. However, along with the rest of the world
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Making Yoga A Part Of Your Life
Before you make the commitment to become a yoga teacher, you should have already integrated yoga into your life in some way, otherwise you will be completely overwhelmed when you do begin this journey. I reiterate to my trainees that they must be abl
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Be A Baddass: Own Your Own Studio
This is not an option for the faint hearted. Be warned. You need true grit, determination and the ability to fly by the seat of your colourful, bamboo-based yoga pants. If this sounds like you, then read on lioness, read on. Many studios are owned an
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Om For Men
Inside: Page 47: Man On The Mat Page 48: Conscious Counsel ■
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Beginning The Teaching Journey
So, you’ve taken the first step and decided to undertake your YTT. It’s exciting; maybe you’re a bit nervous, speculating about what’s to come and hoping that you’re ready. If you’ve already enrolled with a school, they’ll probably send you a reading
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Hey! I just wanted to send a message and say what a massive fan my mother in law is of your magazine. I buy her a subscription for Mother’s Day every year and she loves it. She calls it her little treat every month. She had very bad sciatica and in t
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Love Yoga
All products are available at ■
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The Uniqueness Of Creativity
The most sacred of all spaces is the place of intuition within the human soul. Long ago, our ancestors expressed their intuitive sparks of creativity using the natural world around them, both as a canvas and as a source of inspiration. Creative works
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Introducing Aisha
Introducing Aisha…Aisha is the owner and director of Bodhi Tree Yoga in Pai, Thailand, which is where she met Rachel Cox, the founder and creator of Om & Bass, the popular annual yoga festival. After their initial meeting, they teamed up to host a Yo
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Shadow Work
Let’s be real. You’ve got to be a tough cookie to join a YTT programme. When one chooses to immerse themselves in the world of yoga, one is challenged on every level: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Don’t get me wrong, it is an in
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