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The helicopter is finally taking off. It’s my first time flying like this and, as we start levitating over the sea of icebergs below us, it feels as if a giant is gently picking us up with two fingers. We’re in the coastal town of Ilulissat, Greenlan
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A 10-night Island-hopping Tour In Scotland
Scotland’s Western Isles offer some of the most atmospheric landscapes in the world — craggy mountains and soaring glens, tumbling waterfalls and turquoise seas. Discover ancient monuments, including the intriguing standing stones of Callanish on the
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Saving The Seas
The coral-monitoring, non-profit Reef Check operates a facility at ERIC (Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville) where open-water divers can learn to conduct their own surveys. A one- or two-week EcoDiver course involves daily research dives
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Four Things To Know About Madeira
Madeira was born of volcanic fury, bursting up from the seabed in a series of seismic explosions. Some five million years later, it spreads out in a haze of jagged summits and plunging ravines that are at odds with its image as a place for sunny geta
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Istria isn’t the sort of place that likes to interrupt. Stand on the shore anywhere between Fažana and Umag, as the sea laps the shingle and families chatter quietly, and you’ll understand: a 60-mile-long peninsula that juts down, like the lower half
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My kayak cuts through the Ljubljanica’s bottle-green waters. On its right bank, the Central Market is in full swing: vats bubble with fermenting sauerkraut, ice-filled buckets shine with Adriatic sea bass; sourdough ovens puff woodsmoke around stone
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Big Picture
Mira Kostic threads red peppers on a string in Donja Lokošnica, a village in the valley of the South Morava River. Around 250 of the village’s 280 families grow peppers for the annual paprika harvest, producing around 500 tons of the piquant powder e
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Our latest Travel Geeks event celebrates all things Italian and offers the chance for you to hear from four experts and join in the lively discussion, moderated by one of the National Geographic Traveller editors. Just an hour long, this free online
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Ask The Experts
Q // I want to explore the UK coast in a campervan. What tips do you have, and is there a van-friendly region you’d suggest? Offering unrivalled freedom, UK campervan trips are booming. Established hire companies have lately been joined by a number o
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Trail Running Trainers
These cushioned trail runners are flexible yet stable and sturdy, with enhanced grip for rocky terrain or wet surfaces and a foam midsole for lightweight comfort. RRP: £120. They’re supportive, lightweight, and have enhanced foam cushioni
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Destination Developments
Greece has formed, as of 1 April, a ‘vaccine bubble’ with Israel and Cyprus, where vaccinated travellers will be able to move between the countries without having to quarantine. The archipelago is set to become one of the first places in Spain to tri
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Jane Cook’s Top Dining Spots
This cosy neighbourhood restaurant by Victoria Park specialises in seasonal veg dishes that share the spotlight with carefully sourced meat and fish. The menu is complemented by natural wines. From homemade pub snacks and hearty sha
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Trail Running
After a surge in interest in trail running in 2020, Garmin has introduced this smartwatch, that delivers specialised features in spades: a solar-charging lens for enhanced battery life (up to 80 hours in GPS mode), precise GPS even in remote location
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Seven Ways To Protect Colorado’s Heritage And Biodiversity
Protect yourself and others while exploring by planning ahead, researching weather conditions and taking care to carry all necessary equipment. Remember to be considerate, too, and aware of your group’s fitness and ability levels before deciding whic
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Malvern Hills
From Dickens to Darwin, the list of Victorian luminaries who regularly decamped to the spa town of Malvern is extensive. Small wonder: thanks to its picturesque location amid the Malvern Hills and the healing qualities of its water, the bustling town
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The number of stones remaining at Stonehenge; it originally featured over 160 bluestones and sarsen stones The weight of the average sarsen stone. The smaller bluestones, meanwhile, weigh between two and five tons each In 2020, archaeologists found w
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The main departure points for Antarctic cruises are Ushuaia in Argentina and Punta Arenas in Chile. British Airways flies from Heathrow to Buenos Aires and Santiago, where you can connect to Ushuaia with Aerolíneas Argentinas, or Punta Arenas with LA
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A TASTE OF THE Eastern Algarve
Simplicity is the very essence of the Vargas family’s restaurant, built on stilts overlooking the dunes on the island of Deserta. Seafood is cooked with very little fuss: oysters from nearby Praia de Faro are served with a sharp verjus of green grape
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Kirsty And Fenella’s Unmissable Ingredients
Also known as ‘spineys’, squat lobsters are particularly common off the northwest coast of Scotland. They’re small, sweet and delicious when cooked in a light, crispy tempura batter with a side of roasted garlic aioli. There are two main ingredients
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In The Next Issue
Its coastal charms will always have their allure, but what of Spain’s interior? In our next issue, we stray from the sands to uncover a wealth of inland experiences, from hiking trails in the hinterland to architectural wonders, beguiling cities and
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Portugal’s Eastern Algarve draws me back time after time with its incredible food, beaches and sunsets. The market in the old fishing town of Olhão is one of the best in the world and almost all of the produce is caught, dug or picked locally. ALGARV
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Five Food Finds
These clams are dug fresh from the Ria Formosa and usually end up in the classic Portuguese dish, amêijoas à Bulhão Pato. Much like an oversized cinnamon roll, this cake is sticky with caramelised sugar and laden with fennel seeds and cinnamon. A shi
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Italy’s liminal city, tucked up in the northeast corner on the Adriatic Sea, has long seemed wedded to a bygone era. Until 1918, this was the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; today, it’s an alluring combination of Italy and Vienna, with frot
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Hope Blossoms
The custom of hanami — enjoying the transient beauty of flowers — is an established part of culture in Japan. In spring, the country’s parks and gardens are places of pilgrimage for those seeking to bask in the beauty of cherry blossom, and as we lim
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Start in the south, where the first notable landmark on the route is Gutenberg Castle, looming large over the town of Balzers from its hilltop perch. The romantic-style, white-stone fortress was built in the 13th century as a private abode for wealth
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Top 10 Pilgrimage Routes
This network of ancient trails dives into the remote, densely forested, shrine-topped mountains of the Kii Peninsula, Japan’s spiritual heartland. A 1,200-mile route connecting Canterbury to Rome via France, the Swiss Alps and the Italian Apennines,
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The Best City-break Destinations For Vegan Travellers
This multifaceted city is one of the top vegan-friendly cities in Europe, and the downtown district of Śródmieście Południowe has become the epicentre of plant-based dining. Ramen bars jostle for space with vegan bakeries, sushi restaurants and Polis
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What Will Summer 2021 Look Like For Travellers?
With campsites and self-catering accommodation set to reopen in England by 12 April, and hotels and B&Bs by 17 May, staycations seem set to dominate travel plans for the foreseeable future. In the days following the prime minister’s announcement that
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The Scenic And Historic Byways Of colorado
From the Rocky Mountains to wildflower-strewn prairies, Colorado offers travellers a vast natural playground, teeming with biodiversity and steeped in rich heritage. The Centennial State is easily explored on a road trip, with 26 designated scenic an
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