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Old Bull, Young Bull
Joshua Pierce (inset) came up from the Sunshine Coast to holiday with his dad, Dean. Since the old man had two bikes, this would be a great opportunity to race the Kamfari. Dean had done it about 11 times over the years but figured his competition da
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Classics Case
The world changed forever in March last year. No, not COVID but the cancellation of the ADB Big-Bore Classic! Kidding, the pandemic has been a world-wide catastrophe the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Spanish Flu and the loss of life has be
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Xtrainer Engine Tweaks
BETA HAS MADE significant changes to the MY22 XTrainer range to make them even more user friendly. It already had a low seat, a dry weight of just 98kg, 2T oil injection, soft-compound tyres and an externally adjustable power valve, but the Italian f
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Mud Brothers
This year’s Kamfari will definitely go down as one of the toughest. Was it the toughest ever? Well that’s a hard question to answer. The riders of 20 or 30 years ago are no longer racing, the bikes are much better and the memories of those involved h
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The Great Escape
I HAD EVERYTHING I needed to be “happy ”. I was earning a living and was surrounded by a close-knit family and real friends. Since I was nine, I had lived my passion for motocross and won a few trophies but I had a terrible virus. In fact I had two I
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Kidz Korner
E-BIKES HAVE begun turning kids to the dark side of dirtbike riding at an early age. The low maintenance and simple controls have made it easy for parents to teach their kids the basics of balance and co-ordination and there’s no easier start than on
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Model Pick
Our pick of the models would be the Rally, at $31,090. It comes with all the regular features plus the Comfort Package (Keyless Ride, chrome header pipes, heated grips, heated seat), Touring Package (Preparation for GPS device, cruise control, hand p
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Ben S Magic Carpet Ride
AFTER DIRTBIKE SALES went through the roof thanks to COVID, I didn’t expect to get my hands on any kind of long-termer for a while. Unlike toilet paper, the importation of extra motorcycles takes a long time. Even with stocks still very low, the chan
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New Mapping For Cr450r
HONDA JUST ALWAYS seems to do it right and when the covers were taken off next year’s CRF450R in the US, hearts started racing. The CRF450R gets an updated ECU promising more drive while the suspension valving has been revised for better holdup and i
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Talking Point
Andy Wigan’s editorial asked why Motorcycling Australia wasn’t doing more to promote the sport. The only newspaper that ran a story on the MXGP at Broadford was Melbourne’s Herald Sun, courtesy of a press release from Craig Dack Racing. Two hundred
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Changing A Chain And Sprockets
CHANGING YOUR CHAIN and sprockets doesn’t seem like a hard job but I still see people regularly getting it wrong. Broken bolts, sprockets around the wrong way and chains that are too tight … I’ve seen it all. Here is how you get the job done correctl
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Higlett Gets Beta
LIKEABLE QUEENSLAND ENDURO larrikin Fraser Higlett has surprised us all by announcing he is racing a Beta RR430. The long-time Husqvarna E3 star did not appear to be lining up for this year’s Australian Off-Road Championship after being spotted rippi
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Finke’s Guiding Light
We always start with asking what someone’s first bike was but you tell me you can’t ride? That’s right, I can’t ride a dirtbike, I couldn’t ride one to save my life, and I don’t own one. I went along with a mate to watch the first Finke Desert Race
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Golden Year
COVID put a stop to the Kamfari last year and, with the 50th anniversary coming up, the team from the DMCC were determined to put on an event to remember. Prizemoney for both the bikes and quads was doubled. First place in each category would take ho
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The Ebmx Story
EBMX started with me and a couple of mates sitting around in my garage one arvo (with a beer or two) saying “hey we should start a high-powered electric bike and e-moto business”. My suitablycredentialled mates are Bruno Buccianti (AKA the famous Bru
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Trail King?
When Enduro Editor Geoff Braico came back from Tuscany in 2019, full of Chianti and the world’s finest pasta and rabbiting on about the MY20 Beta RR390 (ADB #481/482), we raised our collective eyebrows. Braico expressed his admiration for the major r
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Drift Kings
SADLY, THE AMA Supercross season is done for another year, which means we have to wait until the AUS-X Open rolls around to see any awesome stadium action. One of my favourite moves in supercross is the berm drift. It can be used to block pass anothe
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Tiny Town
I’ve always enjoyed pitbikes for their size and fun factor as I’m only small myself. However, I’ve found the suspension and geometry terrible. I wanted a small bike that I could thrash around my 20-acre property without getting spat off so a Japanese
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Cut It Loose
THE STOCK CHAIN on our KX450 has lasted seven hours and would most likely make it to 10 but I was sick of it stretching and having to adjust it so I binned it and fitted an RK chain and matching sprockets (page 110). The rear cog is a lightweight ano
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Your Shout
Happy days, Ryley. You’ve won a Polisport Foldable Bike Stand valued at $139.90, in the colour of your choice, from Link International ( SEND IN YOUR LETTERS AND YOU COULD BE OUR NEXT WINNER! ■
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Brothers In Arms
Not many riders establish a dynasty that thousands will remember. This year, we’ve witnessed the start of one with the Lawrence brothers. Both Jett and Hunter have stood up when the chips were down and proved they have something special. The brother
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Solestream Quencher Hydration
SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, ADB reader Jodie Soley hit me up with a pretty cool product that her husband Rick had been working on. Jodie explained what the thing was and asked if I would be up for testing it. Rick and Jodie are Aussies and any time I’m prese
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Mouth Of The Month
Hi Mitch, I know you guys encourage engagement with readers and feedback so I have a quick question for you. I’m looking at upgrading from a later-model Honda XR250R to something with fuel injection and electric start. It’s too hot in Cairns for a bi
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Yamaha YZ450F
TYPE DOHC, four-valve DISPLACEMENT 449cc BORE & STROKE 97 x 60.9mm COOLING Liquid COMPRESSION RATIO 13.0:1 FUEL METERING Mikuni 44mm EFI TANK CAPACITY 6.2L TRANSMISSION Five-speed constant mesh CLUTCH Cable, wet multiplate WHEELBASE 1481mm
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Excs Harden Up
AFTER RECORD SALES in 2020/21 made KTM’s a rare commodity, the R&D department have opted to keep changes to a minimum. For MY22 the EXC range gets two key upgrades that increase the contrast with the “softer” tune of Pierer Mobility’s recently added
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Incredible Holc!
We’ll start with the engine. Typically, I like a lot of bottom-to-mid power so I can be quite playful with my bikes. With my choice to ride the RR350 last year the engine builder, Federico, made a lot of progress to give me some options to test pre-s
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Whoops Wizard
[Ed: Hunter went AWOL on deadline so we’ve dug up a section of our interview that didn’t make the cut for the AMA Supercross feature starting on p92. We wanted to know why he’s already so good at whoops, because we suck at them.] “WHEN I FIRST came
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Trail Mates
If you’re keen to find some trailriding buddies, consider joining an organisation like the Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders’ Association. The DSMRA is a nationwide network of licensed riders who enjoy exploring the bush trails and desert tracks of the gr
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Welcome Back
It’s hard to describe just how good the riding is on the St Helens to Strahan four-day epic, but it is superb. From fast, flowing twin tracks to flowing bermed-up singey, wide-open beaches and challenging, sandy 4X4 tracks, it has everything. It incl
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