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Aftershokz Aeropex headphones
RRP $249, Aftershokz was founded in 2011 pioneering headphones that utilise ‘bone conduction technology,’ where the headphones rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones, transmitting sound to the inner ear (cochlea) via this path ins
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Strong For The Saddle
‘As cyclists we’re always concerned about our legs as the driving force, but it’s your trunk that stabilises you on the bike, so forgetting about your core and back muscles can lead to injuries,’ says Hannah Attenburrow, former elite racer turned cyc
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And The Winner Is…
We were never going to agree easily, so in a fit of proportional representation, we asked each of our testers to nominate a first and a second choice, and based on those results we arrived at… a tie. That wasn’t supposed to happen. With a first place
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Met Rivale MIPS helmet
$250, When it comes to updating mid-range helmets, Italian companies must think alike. Perhaps it’s due to how well protected their brains are. Hot on the heels of Kask’s updated Mojito, Met has redesigned its Rivale. The helmet sits
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Subscribe And Win!
FOUR PROMISES DEFINE EACH AND EVERY SANTINI GARMENT FIT: “Great cycle clothing should fit so well that you don’t even notice it,” says Monica Santini, Santini CEO. “At Santini we strive to create garments that fit like a ‘second skin’ – it is what we
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Jewel of The Med
The shadows are lengthening as we approach the cream-coloured concrete struts of an arched bridge across a dried-up riverbed. Despite being in the middle of nowhere and carrying nothing more significant than a farm track, the bridge is a local landma
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AbsoluteBlack GraphenLube
$239 (140ml), We’ve had graphene in tyres, jerseys… and now lubes! According to AbsoluteBlack, its lubricant is ‘the world’s first hydrocarbon-based water emulsion’ containing ‘high-purity graphene’. As is typical with products contai
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Up and Adaminaby
Not all rides go according to plan. I found myself reflecting on this fact halfway up a remote mountain fire trail, ski-slope steep, pushing more than 20kg of bike and cargo up a punishing 35% gradient. Moments previously, we’d been intercepted by a
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Colossus Of Roads
To download this route, head on over to From Masari on the east coast follow the mountain road towards Platania and then Eleousa. Turn left at the village square to Soroni, then left to Kalavarda. Once there, turn right and
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Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon racing shoe
RRP $599.95, Fizik tells us the Stabilita features a radical revamp to its original Dynamic Arch Support system – creatively named Dynamic Arch Support 2.0. This is integrated into the carbon outsole and consists of an external, separately
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How We Did It
Follow in Cyclist’s wheel tracks To download this route, go to Starting Canberra at the Big Trout in Adaminaby (you can’t miss it), head east on the Snowy Mountains Highway for a bit over a kilometre, then turn
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Food And Drink
Greece really is the word when it comes to food. Rhodes has plenty of fresh fish, so look out for chtapodokeftedes, like meatballs made from octopus, and psaria marinata, any fresh fish marinated in wild rosemary then fried. Then like lots of Greek i
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Scicon Sports Aerowing sunglasses
RRP $300, Traditionally known for its cycling travel products, including bike travel bags, Scicon Sports has recently expanded its range to include cycling eyewear, and you may well have spotted the results at the Tour de France o
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By The Numbers
Metres of elevation gained in total. With only a few climbs clocking in at longer than 5 minutes, this ride proved to be something of a rollercoaster Extra wattage gained with the Specialized Creo Turbo SL e-bike in its highest setting. Battery conse
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By The Numbers
140 Distance of route in kilometres 1,967 Total height climbed in metres 4 Number of examples of Italian colonial architecture passed 7 Number of ‘10% gradient’ signs 11 How painful metatarsalgia is on a scale of 1 to 10 2 Times Fabian Cancellara won
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Ever Increasing Circles
Ever since writer and cycling promoter Paul de Vivie invented the two-speed derailleur in 1905, the cycling world has had an appetite for sprockets that has become insatiable. A ‘cogset’ with four sprockets appeared in the years before World War II.
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The Riders’ Rides
Both writer and photographer rode Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-bikes, which Specialized calls ‘the future of performance’ and the start of ‘a whole new sport.’ Grand claims, but hard to argue – the Creo is undoubtedly a beast. Weighing in at a little
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The Rider’s Ride
This Genesis Zero Team harks back to the days when the manufacturer had its very own pro team, the British Continental squad Madison-Genesis, and it proudly displays the team colours on the frame. Sadly, the team is no more, having folded at the end
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Keep It Wheel
Price TBC, If you’re scratching your head at the five-word name then don’t fret, because here’s a translation: Mavic is the brand, Cosmic means carbon in Mavic-speak, SLR is for racing performance (one rung below the flagship, Ultimate), 45
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How We Got There
Jim and I are both based in Sydney, so we simply hopped in the car and zoomed the three hours down the Hume (and eventually the Federal Highway) to Canberra. Sydney’s new M8 tunnel helps you avoid the airport tunnel and makes getting out of the city
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How We Did It
Our Europe-based contributors took care of this ride for us, but any Aussies looking to take on the roads of Rhodes will obviously need to wait until the world situation changes before embarking on this particular adventure. Mark it down on that neve
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Hero To Zero To Giro
In this topsy-turvy year practically the only race not to shift seasons was the World Championships, which maintained its September slot, although COVID did force a venue change from Switzerland to Italy. An outstanding Anna van der Breggen did the d
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Heart of Gold
Giorgia Bronzini is struggling to find the right words. Just moments earlier the 37-year-old had been talking full-gas (to borrow a phrase she uses frequently) while telling Cyclist the story of a 2015 race in Belgium that involved wind, rain, shatte
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Network News
Victoria will implement minimum passing distance laws in 2021, becoming the last place in Australia to have the rule. Drivers will need to pass people on bikes at a minimum distance of one metre in speed zones up to 60km/h and 1.5 metres in zones abo
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Aussie Watch
Due to disruptions to the 2020 racing calendar, fans were treated to a flurry of activity late in the season. You had to feel for riders who went from the Tour de France into the World Championships and then into either the ‘Spring Classics’ (read: A
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Giorgia On Our Mind
Born August 3 in Piacenza, Italy Wins points race at the Junior Track World Championships in the US. Finishes fifth in the World Junior Road Race later in the year Rides the Giro Rosa for the first time. Wins three stages at the Giro della Toscana Cl
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Photography Mike Massaro, Peter Stuart, Stu Bowers ■
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Q&A Prita Jobling-Baker
Cyclist: How many Peaks Challenges have you undertaken and what are your most memorable moments? Prita Jobling-Baker: I’ve done three Falls Creek, two Cradle Mountain and one Gold Coast; sadly I had to miss a couple of years for various reasons. I’ve
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Bronzini On…
‘The UCI really needs to help race organisers. Help all these people who want to hold a race for us and look at the scheduling of the race calendar. Sometimes we have a month full of races that we need to do so we have to double up. Then the next mon
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Specialized Tarmac SL7
It was perhaps inevitable we would end up here. The writing was on the wall two years ago when Specialized launched a new Venge that looked and rode, well… a lot like a Tarmac. At the same time, the Tarmac SL6 was also displaying a number of design c
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