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Show all your pupils that you care! Passion for music, the desire to share and support, the spirit and motivation to always build up, heal, provide pathways and inspiration… these are the essentials that must be in place in a teacher’s DNA. Tutor emp
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Oskar MERIKANTO (1868-1924)
Ever since we featured Merikanto’s Valse lente inside issue 78, we’ve heard nothing but admiration for this underrated Finnish composer. We are always glad to feature more of his music (other pieces have appeared inside issue 107 and 114). Playing ti
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The Scores
MELANIE SPANSWICK is a pianist, writer, teacher and composer. As an author, she is published by leading publishing houses, and has written a three-book piano course for those returning to piano playing; Play It Again: PIANO (Schott Music). Melanie te
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Schubert Impromptu In E Flat Op 9o No 2
Key E flat Tempo Allegro Style Late Classical Will improve your✓Scale technique✓Range of dynamics✓Use of accents The four Impromptus Op 90 were written in 1827. Unlike the subsequent second set (Op 142), the Op 90 pieces were published during Schuber
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Frédéric CHOPIN (1810-1849)
Chopin’s Préludes Op 28 are a set of short pieces, one in each of the 24 keys, originally published in 1839. This elegant and popular No 7, written in the key of A major, is the shortest of them all. Read Melanie Spanswick’s step-by-step lesson on pa
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Jules BURGMEIN (Giulio RICORDI) (1840-1912)
Wondering why there are two names attributed to this work? Italian music publisher Giulio Ricordi was also a fine composer, and for whatever reason, he chose to write under the pseudonym of Jules Burgmein. So, what’s right? Was Romance Poudrée writte
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Louis KÖHLER (1820-1886)
German composer Louis Köhler was a fine pianist and conductor, but he devoted most of his life to teaching the piano. He wrote copious studies for his students to enjoy and learn from. Pianist has published a fair amount of them in past issues; they
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Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
WATCH CHENYIN LI PLAY THIS AT WWW.PIANISTMAGAZINE.COM In 1827, Schubert wrote two sets of four impromptus: Opus 90 (D899) and Opus posth 142 (D899). This Impromptu, the second in the first set, is one of his most florid and technically challenging, a
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Chopin Prélude In A Major Op 28 No 7
Key A major Tempo Andantino Style Romantic Will improve your✓Chord voicing✓Legato✓Cantabile This brief, intimate piece is the seventh of Chopin’s 24 Préludes Op 28. With its lilting LH chordal pattern and poignant RH melody, it exudes a pristine ball
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Dame Fanny
Readers of Pianist last heard from Dame Fanny Waterman exactly a year ago, in issue 112. She was about to turn 100 and I had the pleasure of three hours in her company, at her home in the suburbs of Leeds. She was full of high spirits and good storie
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Slowly But Surely
Fifteen years ago a young Scottish pianist appeared on the cover of Pianist 23. He had recorded Messiaen’s Visions de l’amen on two pianos with Martin Roscoe and was keeping his record company – and concert halls worldwide – very busy. Now, as Steven
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To Brahms And Beyond
A young man rises from the keyboard. Sallow, open-necked and hollow-eyed, he nods from exhaustion as he turns to acknowledge the storm of applause breaking over the last chord of the music, his arms hanging limp by his sides. No wonder. Alexandre Kan
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Key Chart
In his book Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (Ideas for an Aesthetic of the Art of Music) the journalist and composer Christian Schubart described the characters of music’s 24 keys. Schubart himself was as colourful as his keys, a talented keybo
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Sheet Music Reviews
Aleksey Igudesman Universal Edition ISBN: 978-3-7024-7689-2 (UE 38047) Insectopedia is a collection of ten piano solos by Aleksey Igudesman, a multi-talented artist who is perhaps best known as the violinist in the brilliantly entertaining Igudesman
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Time On Our Hands
Winter is always a time for taking stock, but never more so than this year, in my experience. _ is morning I pulled a dog-eared volume of Chopin o_ the shelf, prompted by the story of Josephine Proctor on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. At the age of
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The Key To Everything
A dashing scherzo, a bittersweet waltz, a smouldering study, a flirtatious mazurka and, among his most difficult works, a sonata that ranges across the emotional spectrum. These works by Chopin couldn’t be more different from each other; remarkably,
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Album Reviews
Silver Age: Prokofiev: Concerto No 2 Op 16; Scriabin: Concerto Op 20; Stravinsky: Three Movements from Petrushka; The Firebird Suite; Prokofiev: Sarcasms; Sonata No 8 Mariinsky Orchestra/Gergiev Deutsche Grammophon 483 5331 The ‘Silver Age’ referred
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Win Alexandre Kantorow’s Latest Album
Answer the question below correctly, and you could be one of three lucky winners to receive Alexandre Kantorow’s latest solo recording on BIS Records. Deadline for entries: 19 March 2021 How many piano sonatas did Brahms write? A. One B. Two C. Three
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William DUNCOMBE (c.1736-1818)
British composer William Duncombe (not to be confused with the writer William Duncombe, 1690-1769) was organist in the London borough of Kensington. He is known mainly for a small group of piano pieces (especially this Fanfare Minuet) which are proba
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Hans-günter Heumann Beginners Keyboard Class
On these Keyboard Class pages, Pianist covers the most basic stages of learning the piano through a series of lessons by regular contributor Hans-Günter Heumann. This exercise introduces the technique of wrist rotation. When playing this exercise, ro
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Problem Solving Practice Ideas For Our Pieces
I would like to offer two main practice suggestions that will keep you feeling coordinated in this sparkling Rondo. Using a very small wrist hinge in the LH’s broken chord pattern will help you keep this light and characterful. From a wrist that is l
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Staying Power The Right Way To Build Stamina
When we take up the piano, perhaps the last thing on our minds is how to sustain the mental and physical energy we’ll need to play longer, more challenging pieces. Stamina will mean something subtly different for each of us: For a conservatoire stude
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Your chance to HAVE YOUR SAY
EMAIL: editor@pianistmagazine.com WRITE TO:The Editor, Pianist, Warners Group Publications, The Maltings, West St, Bourne, PE10 9PH Letters may be edited. I really enjoyed John Geraghty’s Rum & Samba piece in issue 117. As an exdrummer, strict-tempo
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Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
The six English Suites (BWV 806-811) were written for harpsichord, and are thought to be the earliest of Bach’s suites for keyboard – the others being the French Suites, the Partitas and the Overture in a French Style. This stately Sarabande is the f
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Alexandre Kantorow
If you could play only one piece from now on, what would it be? It’s the only piece I have in my head right now, so… Brahms’s Second Concerto! But that would probably be the truth. If you could play only one composer? In a weird way, probably Beethov
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Chaminade Aubade Op 14o
Key E major Tempo Andante tranquillo Style Romantic Will improve your✓Pedalling✓Chord voicing✓Dividing melody between hands Many composers had their favourite creations. With such works, they would take the melodic material and rework it, or they wou
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Antoine REICHA (1770-1836)
Although it belongs to a set of 34 pieces gathered under the title of Etudes dans le genre fugué, this beautifully solemn F minor work is strictly speaking neither a study nor a fugue. Functioning rather as a prelude, it establishes a mood of grave a
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Georg Anton BENDA (1722-1795)
One of the lesser-known Bendas in a long and distinguished Czech musical family, Georg Anton was brother to its most renowned scion, František and proceeded to have five musical children of his own. In his own day he was best known for his work in ch
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Anton DIABELLI (1781-1858)
A contemporary of Beethoven, Diabelli was born in Salzburg, Austria. A musical child, he sang in the boys’ choir at Salzburg Cathedral where he is believed to have taken music lessons with Michael Haydn. By the age of 19, Diabelli had already compose
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