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Tip Of The Month
Anyone who has used a front-mounted mower or potato topper will be familiar with blocked up vents, but it was when mulching cover crops that led to this creation. The cooling pack would regularly get covered with blossom from the mustard crop, requir
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Mccormick Sprayers In Spain
Agriargo Iberica, the Spanish subsidiary of Argo Tractors (McCormick and Landini), has signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish FG Group for this company to supply it with mounted and trailed sprayers. FG Group brands include Gaysa, which ma
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More Power And Refinement
The grunt in the Stage V versions of JCB’s three mid-range ‘Agri’ wheeled loader models; the 411, 413S and 417, comes from the latest 4.8-litre four-pot DieselMax, with Autostop automatically shutting down the engine after a pre-set period of idling.
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Quick Key Checks
■ Loaders tend to be abused and not given much care. A lack of grease in pivot points is common. The attachment carriage pivots are most liable to needing attention, so work back from here. ■ Look for damage, and not just to the boom. The brackets an
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Fertiliser Spreader Testing: Check Your Spread
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance certainly rings true when it comes to fertiliser application. Somewhat often forgotten about for months of the year, gathering dust at the back of a shed or (hopefully not) growing deeper into the nettl
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Updates For Grimme Ventor
A haulm topper has been added to the options list for Grimme’s fourrow Ventor 4150 self-propelled potato harvester. Suitable for high quantities of long, tough material, the company reckons haulm topping prior to the harvesting process reduces the ri
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Four-wheeler From Vervaet
The growing market for four-wheel self-propelled slurry machines has led Vervaet to team up with German tanker maker Garant Kote to create the Quad. Supplying the grunt is a Volvo 13-litre, six pot motor churning out 550hp. This is linked to a hydros
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Little Lift
From the start of this year, machines below 56kW/76hp had to meet Stage V. This has spurred on Weidemann to update its T4512 compact telehandler, which featured in our group comparison test in the 12/2012 and 1/2013 magazines. The main changes can be
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One Loader, Different Colours
Year: 2012 Condition: Good Comment: Deutz branded Stoll Profi Line loader with cable controls and mechanical attachment carriage. Standard hydraulic coupling. Parallel lift. All pivots and rams in good order Price: Will add £2,500 to £4,850 to a used
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JL Carter And Sons: Spud Kit In Demand
Auctioneer Cheffins hosted an online timed sale of over 100 bits of second-hand ag machinery on behalf of JL Carter and Sons from Knutsford in Cheshire. Over 150 potential buyers attended the on site viewing day in Allostock before the online sale to
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Added Precision For Autonomous Tractor
The multi-frequency antenna on Yanmar’s latest range of autonomous tractors results in 75% faster processing times and increased positioning accuracy. Capable of full or partially autonomous work, the revised models, which will be on sale in Japan fr
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Autonomous Tool Carrier
While travelling through Eastern Europe, Alf Reichardt spotted this autonomous tool carrier. The tracked vehicle can apparently be used for planting as well as harvesting cereals and maize. The cab is said to be only used for monitoring the prototype
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The Mighty Maxxum, Classic Vs Modern
Full bodied is a good description for the classic Maxxum 5150 Pro, which was manufactured in the now defunct Case IH factory in Neuss on the River Rhine in Germany. The turbocharged, 5.9-litre Cummins smooth-running motor just sounds like it wants to
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Bright Future For Mechanical Weeding
Steketee is installing a new assembly line for small implements at its Dutch base at Stad aan’t Haringvliet. When finished it will allow the company to make more machines to keep pace with rising demand for its weed control solutions. Part of the Lem
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Fritzmeier Isaria Pro Compact: Mirrors without smoke
Like most farmers, Dirk Westrup needs to trim costs while still maximizing cereal yield. Knowing that he would need to respect new local rules on maximum fertiliser rate, he looked for a more flexible way to match nitrogen application to plant growth
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Weavings New Compact Disc
Weaving has expanded its implement range with the new ShortDisc cultivator. As the name suggests, this is a short disc harrow which will be available in working widths of 3.0m, 4.0m and 5.0m. All three models are mounted and feature two rows of 560mm
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From Site To Farm
As a key part of its collaboration with Liebherr for telehandler production, which was announced at the end of 2017, Claas also gained a fleet of loading shovels for the agricultural market. Initial emphasis was on the larger silage clamp building ma
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No Tools, No Problem
You would think that with Horsch’s penchant for big kit, the factory would be surrounded by large flat fields, tilled and drilled by wide-working arable gear. But it is actually at the opposite end of the scale, with the Bavarian machinery maker base
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Rotor-fed Mixer
Nearly all self-propelled diet feeders use a milling head to cut or pluck forage from the pit face, feeding it into an elevator and onwards to the mixing tub. Trioliet, however, takes a different approach. The 17-24m³ Triotrac, which was introduced s
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Bkt Extends V-flexa Range
BKT has added three additional sizes to its V-Flexa radial trailer tyre range; the VF 600/65 R26.5, VF 650/55 R26.5 and VF 560/60 R22.5. Joining the VF 600/55 R26.5 previewed at Agritechnica 2019, the V-Flexa features a tread with three belt layers i
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Adapt And Conquer
While the traditional comb harrow is quite capable of mechanically weeding cereals, it does have its limitations when it comes to crops grown in beds or ridges. And this is where the likes of the APV Vario VS come in. Each of the Vario's VS tines is
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Visions Take Shape
The first ‘Lely Future Farm Days’ took place in 2018 as a way of showcasing new products such as the A5 milking robot, with almost 10,000 A5s now sold. There was also a glimpse of future tech in the shape of the ‘Orbitor’ on-farm dairy (see our 10/20
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Spot The Difference
We’ve made eight changes to this picture of a Claas Scorpion 7055 telehandler. Simply locate our changes and then mark them on the gridline picture at the bottom of the page. Submit your answers (A1, B2, C3, for example) via our website b
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User Comment
Brothers Wesley and Adam Cooke, along with father Thomas, are familiar with the two-stage steering system of the Torion Sinus, having owned a 1999 Liebherr L514 Stereo since 2011. They looked at several other telescopic loaders and shovels to replace
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Mighty Motor, Large Cab, But …
A new look and more power are all part of the latest generation of 7R tractors, which is topped off with the 7R 350. This is 40hp up on the previous range-topper, although the motor supplying the grunt is still a 9.0-litre, six-cylinder DPS unit. The
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Plastic Repair: Back From The Brink
Beyond the sinking feeling of diesel piddling over your boots, the sight of a leaking tractor fuel tank is sure to spoil your day. The expense of a new one, the hassle of fitting it, the downtime; it’s enough to make a strong man weep. Much the same
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Better Mowing
Spurred on by user feedback, Kuhn has updated its mounted mower offering with the new GMD105 series, which for now will be offered alongside the long-serving 100 series. The new mower line comprises three models, with the smallest in the range now fe
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Fendt Xylon Users: Xylon Fans
“Ooh there’s a Xylon, and another one … and another one.” Take a proper peek inside the various sheds belonging to Joachim and Lukas Sauer in Southern Germany, and you'll find no fewer than seven examples of the distinctive Fendt systems tractor. The
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Exos Zero-grazer: Cuts, Drives And Feeds All By Itself
Fresh grass has up to 20% more energy than silage, but taking heavy kit into wet fields is not exactly yield enhancing. It is another daily job that needs to be done, which is why many farms with indoor herds opt for silage. Reducing the labour burde
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Front Mounted Seeder
Bullock Tillage has developed a front mounted version of its pneumatic seeder. Called the T17 it is offered in four working widths from 3.0m to 6.0 with manual fold booms. Tank capacity options are 250, 400, 600 and 800-litres. With a starting price
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