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Joey Rosskopf
My year wasn’t bad. Definitely strange, but you learn to roll with the unexpected and just live with it, ready to do whatever. We stayed in Europe the whole time for the last lockdown. At the time we were just going day to day, week to week, but we s
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Flying Jai
It’s surprising, considering Australia’s cycling heritage and sports mad culture, that this year saw the country’s highest ever finish at the Giro d’Italia. The adulation for a second, unexpected British winner in Tao Geoghegan Hart and the excitemen
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Pro Diaries
ISRAEL START-UP NATION Off-eason, very much like the ‘season’ itself, had a different complexion in 2020. Usually we disappear on holiday, escape reality and routine for a couple of weeks and do something different. All the time we spend in hotels du
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Learning Process
Cycling, we are told, is all about the numbers. Which is why Lauren Stephens may be in the perfect sport. Before she turned professional in mid-2013, she worked as a high school math teacher in Dallas, Texas. “I taught high school math for three year
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Dan’s Cycling Hacks
13 I would be lying if I said that having twin girls growing up in the house and being a professional cyclist has been easy. I’m fortunate to have an incredibly understanding wife who allows me to dodge many of the usual parenting duties, even the in
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Second Chance
I was born in Gent and still live here. Claeys is a very Flemish name; Dimitri is Russian, but there’s no real reason my parents called me that. I have no Russian grandparents or family. I feel Flemish, but also Belgian and European. I’m not so natio
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Curved Lines
Crouched over his handlebars in a bunch finish, front-heavy, low, Caleb Ewan may be the best road sprinter in the world. It’s hard to compare, and since no two sprints are the same, nor necessarily tell us much more than who had the best run that day
Procycling7 min lettiCrime & Violence
Fifteen. That’s the number of women who have come forward to speak out loud about their experiences with abuse, sexism and discrimination within professional cycling in the last 12 months. They have given their accounts, some of which contain graphic
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Career Highlights
Wins two stages at the Bay Crits, a criterium series held in Victoria, Australia, in January, ahead of much more seasoned pros. Comes second to Matej Mohori? at the junior Worlds RR. Steps up to U23 level. Wins eight races in Europe, including La Cot
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Thought For Food
When Janez Brajkovic won the U23 World Championships time trial in 2004 he put Slovenia on the professional cycling map. And he did it by beating the favourite of the day in Riva del Garda, Italy - Thomas Dekker - as well as Vincenzo Nibali. It was a
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EDITOR By the time you read this it’ll be 2021, we’ll be contemplating a new professional cycling season with new hope, and I may have digested the cheese and wine with which I celebrated another year of Procycling magazine over the Christmas period.
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On Top Down Under
Caleb Ewan was 17 when he upstaged elite sprinters at an Australian criterium series and earned instant comparison to cycling’s then notorious fast-man Mark Cavendish. He became an overnight sensation in local circles following a stage win in William
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Bauer And The Glory
Within cycling, each nation’s pioneers stand out. They have certain things in common. Their careers are studded with ‘firsts’ for their country. More importantly, they are very influential. They inspire compatriots to follow them into what was – from
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I caught up with the Aussie sprinter for a long off-season chat and asked: “Just how did you win that Tour stage in EDITOR Sisteron?” See page 28. The first in our new in-depth series of looking at cycling countries and cultures. First up: Denmark, b
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You Better Believe It
For an indication of how Alex Dowsett is perceived by the wider community in cycling you only had to look on social media the afternoon that he won stage 8 of the Giro d’Italia last October. Brooklyn Dodgers coach Leo Durocher was reportedly the firs
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Tour de France Stage 15, Montée de la Selle de Fromentel, France
Jack Bauer opens a cherry-flavoured energy gel on the Montée de la Selle de Fromentel on stage 15 of the Tour de France. With a breakaway up the road, the peloton rode the first of three tough climbs for the day at a controlled pace, and a rider like
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A Change In Fortunes
Something happened in June of 2017. Something new, something forgotten. A feeling in Danish cycling, a rapture not experienced since the golden 1990s. The 2000s were meagre years for the Danes. Michael Rasmussen got close to something big before he w
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£4,874 ||| $6,499 The fastest bike that Felt have ever built, the AR is a combination of all-round and aero abilities that will be perfect for any riding or racing conditions. It is light and comfortable, while also slicing through the wind. This mod
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Giro d’Italia, Stage 8, Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy
The peloton rides up the Monte Sant’Angelo, the only notable climb on a transition stage towards the end of the first week at the Giro d’Italia. Situated between two flat stages and with a mountain day to come the day after, this was a textbook break
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Stats Of The Nation
Though the current generation is considered Denmark’s greatest ever, there is a rich history of Danes winning at the very highest level and forming a longstanding part of the international sport’s DNA Pro: 1986-2002 Still Denmark’s most successful ri
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Next Issue
TAO GEOGHEGAN HART Lorena Wiebes / Season Preview / Movistar women ON SALE 5.2.21 ■
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Tour of Flanders, Oudenaarde, Belgium
In the mid-October sun, Adrien Petit of Team Direct Energie works hard in a vain attempt to cross to the race leaders at the Tour of Flanders. Petit never made it across the gap, and ended up not finishing the race. The action boiled down to a straig
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Close Encounters
The winner of the first Tour de France in 1903, Maurice Garin, would have had time to stop during the final stage, sit down for a meal of steak and cognac, put his feet up for a muddy post-prandial coffee, get back on his bike, ride to the finish and
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Editor Edward Pickering Deputy Editor Sophie Hurcom Senior Designer Mariëlle Scholten Staff Writer Adam Becket Simon Barnes, Nick Busca, William Fotheringham, Kirsten Frattini, Victor Boy Lindholm, Dan Martin, Sophie Sm
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Racing Out Of The Darkness
A vaccine is being rolled out, an end to the global pandemic may be on the horizon and yet races have still been cancelled for the 2021 season, as the impact of covid-19 stretches beyond 2020 into the new year. The Tour Down Under, which has been the
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‘84 The Closest Ever
What are your memories of the race? Sean Kelly should have been the leader at the Vuelta. Our manager Jean de Gribaldy wanted him to ride all three grand tours that year, which not many riders did in those days. But after the classics, Kelly was tire
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Laurens Ten Dam
We all know those days. It is three degrees outside, barely dry and the road is wet. You have to go out and train but sitting next to the fireplace is much more appealing than getting dressed to face the cold December air. Or, you’re hungry and you n
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Cav’s Quick Step Lifeline
STAFF WRITER The news that Mark Cavendish will ride on in 2021 is cheering and should be welcomed. He might be well past his best - his last win came at the Dubai Tour in 2018, and his last Tour de France stage win was in 2016 - but the veteran sprin
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‘87 Power Games
As statements of geopolitics go, taking the Tour de France, an event described in the leftwing newspaper L’Humanité as a “gaudy monument to capitalism”, behind the Iron Curtain for the start of the 1987 Tour was a bold one. Nobody could have known th
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