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Art Plus Fashion
British shirtmaker Turnbull &Asser’s Autumn Winter collection is inspired by an entire creative community, including London-based painter Stephen Jaques and artist Andrew Pierre Hart. Loewe released a sunshine-filled capsule co
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Lippy From The Liffey
Blush is in the yard right now preparing for the Atlantic crossing. I’m taking the opportunity to tweak a few things – such as the steering wheel, which we’re changing to carbon. It’s a more modem look, and it saves a few pounds, too. I’m deeply invo
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Heading Down Under
One welcome effect of the law change is that there will be bigger boats in the area, says Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess. “There are not many big, quality superyachts in Australia. There are smaller yachts up to about 100 to 120ft [30 to 36 metres]
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Winter Sunshine
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The Smart boat
Against the green, hilly coast of St Lucia, birds swoop in daring arcs while flashes of silver leap over deep turquoise water. Occasional outboard-powered launches hug the coast, leaving freshly stirred foam behind them. Artefact, by contrast, is mov
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Voyage News
Akojo Market is an online store selling handmade accessories, jewellery, homeware and fashion by 600 designers from across Africa. It champions small, independent businesses and emerging brands that produce high-quality, sustainable products. We love
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Raise The Roof
Trends come and go in all walks of life, not least in the car world. Case in point: the Porsche Targa. The Targa name harks back to 1965, when fears that US safety regulations would put a ban on conventional convertible cars led Porsche to launch a “
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The World Super Yacht Awards 2020
The World Superyacht Awards are the only peer-reviewed awards in the industry. All but two of the 22 judges are current or former superyacht owners, who collectively bring hundreds of years of experience to the judging process. They are a hugely know
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Land in Punta Arenas and settle in on board before taking a 30-minute flight to Torres del Paine National Park. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and go by jeep to the Tierra Patagonia Hotel for lunch and a spa session before flying back to the yacht. St
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Special Section
Private ownership takes off / High-altitude well-being / The perfect helicopter for you / Hot new launches ■
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The Judges
Chairman of the Judges: Richard Raper Owner of 38.8m Claasen Atalante Alan Dabbiere Owner of 60m CRN Constance Anil Thadani Owner of 45m Timmerman Latitude Barry Houghton Owner of 45m Sanlorenzo Globas Bill and West Duker Former owners of 52m Feadshi
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Buy Me an Island
Located in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state, Isla Maná is surrounded by the emerald waters that give the Costa Verde coast its name. Only three kilometres from the port of Bracuí, and a three-hour drive or 20-minute helicopter ride west from the city of
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Aviation News
The latest private jet from French producer Dassault, the 6X is sure to turn heads when it takes its first flight, currently scheduled for early 2021. With a list price said to be around $47 million, the aircraft is designed to seat up to 16 passenge
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The Long Game
Iatiana, at 80 metres Bilgin Yachts’ graceful new flagship, is born of a lengthy collaboration between a yacht enthusiast with the goal to build a small superyacht fleet and an ambitious family-owned shipyard rooted on the western shores of the Bosph
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Villa With A View
Limassol Del Mar is a new mixed development of residences, luxury boutiques, restaurants and bars in the Cypriot city, less than 15 minutes’ drive from the superyacht-ready Limassol Marina. The residential aspect comprises a mix of two- to six-bedroo
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For Business
Flight No: 042 Date: 12–2020 Gate: 03 Destination: JFK NEW YORK
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The LUX List
_VISIBILITY GOOD_ Previous page, from left: Pear-shaped and round 28ct diamond necklace, POA,; Tempo radio, £1,295, This page, from left: Faulkner pipe, €395,; handmade calfskin business card holder, £300, stf
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Vovage Edit
@AMANPURI The first Aman resort, Amanpuri is as popular with social-media influencers as it was with its original guests three decades ago. Its name means “place of peace”, and it remains true to its founding philosophy of feeling as if you’re visiti
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BOAT International
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For Pleasure
Flight No: 179 Date: 12–2020 Gate: 12 Destination: NCE FRANCE
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Easy Rider
Without invitation I reach for a temptingly tactile chrome handle, intent on sliding open the dark smoked-glass door to Azimut Yachts’ new Magellano 25 Metri. “Stop!” implores brand manager Federico Lantero. “Not yet - I want the interior to be a rea
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The Bitter End
A few years ago I was in Hvar, waiting at the quay for a friend who had just arrived on his catamaran. I was in my tender, and I had two global tennis stars with me, Croatian Iva Majoli and her American friend Jennifer Capriati, who were staying on m
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Editor’s Letter
It’s been interesting, 2020, but it’s almost time for you to shuffle off. But before we tie a knot in this year and hide it in that dark place behind the sofa, let’s at least try to finish it with a bang. The twice-delayed World Superyacht Awards fin
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Boom Time For Private Aviation
When the coronavirus pandemic took hold of the globe In March, much of the aviation industry ground to a near halt – as anyone who’d been planning to take a commercial flight this year can attest. At the same time, there were still plenty of people w
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Change Of Pace
In 2009 Azimut Yachts ventured into a whole new market with boats designed and built for passage-making rather than short sprints in full sight of the coastline. The company took its first 74, a 22 metre, for a 4,000nm “Road Show”, including a 2,000n
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Mark is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in The Spectator, The Times and the Daily Mail. For this issue, he compiled our annual quiz (page 151). Which is the toughest question in your quiz this year? Probably the one about the region o
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The Comfort Zone
From time-saving and privacy to convenience and ease, the benefits of private aviation are many and varied – and they tend to be widely acknowledged. But in recent years, one particular aspect of private flight has become increasingly important to ma
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2020 Christmas Quiz
It’s been a year to forget for many - but which details do you recall? Turn the page to test your knowledge... ■
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A Tall Tale
With a mast taller than the Statue of Liberty, Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design’s 85-metre sailing superyacht concept Apex 850 would, if built, be the largest sloop in the world. Designed in collaboration with Royal Huisman, Apex 850 is “the most ambitiou
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Choose The Right Chopper
Your boat is anchored off Saint-Tropez, but it doesn’t have sufficient space to store your helicopter on board, so you’re looking for a speedy, lightweight chopper to get from Nice Airport to the boat in record time. The Bell 407 can comfortably fit
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