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In a fun-filled shoot at Pier59 Studios in New York City, celebrated photographer Carin Backoff captured actor Naomi Watts for our cover. “This was the first time I had worked with Vogue Australia and I was so grateful to be a part of such an incredi
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Ocean Avenue
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Meg Mason On Starting Over
BEFORE, I WOULD have said that the natural peaks and troughs in a working life are never that precise. More just a sense that you’re doing well at the moment, or vaguely, in a rut, the retrospective realisation that you found your flow around about t
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Coming Home
If you thought health retreats were popular before the debacle of 2020, expect to see a definitive boom in wellness-centred offerings this year and beyond. While the past 12 months have taught us many things (the correct length of time it takes to wa
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Hits Of Summer
Forget colour blocking, a top-to-toe column of a brilliant bright hue is the uncomplicated way to give off an upbeat bearing. Optimist? Opt for a blazing cadmium yellow. Don’t reset the style approach completely just rewrite the base palette, swappi
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Local Stars
FOR SKIN: From top to toe, the newest face and body elixirs give lacklustre skin a double dose of hydration and nourishment. FOR HAIR: You can pop this hydrating mask on damp ends after showering, or throw it on at the beach to counteract the sun a
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Uniform Matter
“How Miuccia dresses is very often a kind of uniform one way or another, and that was direct inspiration for me for the show,” Raf Simons explained following the eagerly anticipated spring/summer ’21 co-creative debut of both Mrs Prada and Mr Simons.
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Taking A Stand
THE INFORMATION HAD fallen in my lap. My embarrassingly low stand goal lit up the iPhone screen: in the previous eight hours I had hit the suggested one minute-per-hour stand target, just twice. That is to say, while working from home hunched over my
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Story Of Us
Having a collection sponsored by Liberty London, mining a rich family history and tackling the mainstream fashion conversation is generally the domain of big-name designers, but for Karis Zanetta Cheng, it’s all in her third-ever collection. The Univ
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Don’t Sit On It
Your computer screen should be at eye level, an arm’s length away, to reduce neck strain. If you use a laptop, prop it up and invest in a keyboard. A best-practice seated position is one where your feet are flat to the floor, your legs are uncrossed
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On The Trail
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Animal Crossing
THE PAST YEAR has been a challenging one for most but, for some, it brought added sadness. In March, 27-year-old Stephanie Ters from Croydon in Sydney, learnt that, at 12 weeks, her long-awaited pregnancy had come to an end. In the weeks and months a
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Molly Goddard
1. “I always mix my perfumes but I like to have Santa Maria Novella Patchouli for just one single spray as it’s powerful.” 2. “I like to walk everywhere in London when I can. I love finding new areas as I get where I’m going. Seeing friends at the p
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Vogue 2021 Let’s Begin.
A new year, a new beginning – and a time to recommit to our values. Vogue believes in joy and optimism. We strive to live sustainably and advocate for independence, individuality, and creativity. We honour meaning and craft in fashion. We insist on i
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In With The Old
SELLING SECOND-HAND clothing used to be an intuitive activity. Previously, a pre-loved coat, dress or shirt found its way to eBay, or it was taken to the local market in the hope of exchanging it for money. Not anymore. Today, the resale arena is a h
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Watts In Bloom
Naomi Watts is talking about co-starring in her new movie with a magpie when she stops mid-sentence. “I just have to tell you something,” she says. Her tone is conspiratorial. I think she might be about to divulge a great secret but that’s not where
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Basket Case
MARKET, BASKET, OR beach a roster of labels offering the humble carryall bag are honouring its roots by working with artisans practising traditional handicrafts, while providing a proper wage. Maison Bengal, sold at My Chameleon, tackles poverty amon
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New Tide
Anyone would be forgiven for feeling exhausted or overwhelmed in the aftermath of 2020, but for Te Manahou Mackay, gratitude for the pause a global pandemic brought her eclipses everything else. “Having to go back home made me cultivate a group of pe
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Losing Hold
OBAMA’S ELECTION IN 2008 was the first presidential race I was old enough to remember. Granted, I was nine years old at the time, but even through a child’s eyes I’ll never forget the countless fundraisers my mother hosted and her insistence that we
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Earthly Delights
NADINE IJEWERE Hair: Sophie Jane AndersonMake-up: Ammy DrammehManicure: Zaida IganiModel: Adut AkechSet design: Sean Thomson ■
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Up To Date
THE DUKE OF HASTINGS wants to talk about female masturbation. And by the Duke of Hastings, I mean Simon Bassett (Regé-Jean Page), the occasionally rakish – although, quite frankly, he wishes – hero of Bridgerton , Netflix’s scandalous new period dram
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La Vie De Virginie
Virginie Viard, the quiet, creative force behind a stealthy reimagining of Chanel, may be a woman of few words, but she doesn’t mince them. Her conversation, as her friend the model and music producer Caroline de Maigret says, “is the opposite of sma
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The Girl
VOGUE AUSTRALIA: We wanted to ask … How are you? How was 2020 for you? ZOSIA MAMET: “My husband and I talk about this a lot – I feel weird saying this, but we’re actually doing really well. We both got incredibly lucky … I’m a horseback rider so wh
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Secret Women’s Business
In 2002, Treasurer Peter Costello asked Australian women to have more babies: “One for mum, one for dad and one for the country”, and so do our bit for the economy. Perhaps he was striving for his own ‘Team Australia’ moment. At the time, I was at th
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Written To Script
SAMANTHA STRAUSS MAY well be one of Australia’s most successful screen stars you’ve never heard of. Fresh off the set of the latest Liane Moriarty screen adaptation Nine Perfect Strangers, starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, Strauss is prepa
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Dive Into Culture
Members of the Paspaley family have been practising a seemingly romantic rite of passage for generations. When the youngest members turn 18, they are sent on secondment to the dynasty’s famous pearl farms off the coast of the Kimberley in Western Aus
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Tree Of Life
WHILE PLANTING THIS tree was for Vogue’s 60th anniversary, it was also a reflection on creation – how many years have gone by and how many years will continue to be. I certainly think having Edward [Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue] out her
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From Where You’d Rather Be
Julia Ritorto – one half of Acler’s design duo – makes the pilgrimage to Normanville, on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, every summer with her partner and family. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: It’s where we’ve watched our children grow up and do the
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Virtual World
The cybersphere of Vogue never sleeps. Our digital hub means you can stay up to date and connected around the clock. Breakthroughs in style are made on the street, but new developments in fashion can also bubble up online. Find us on every platform,
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