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Bonacina 1889
the warmth of the Rattan, the physical challenge of the craftsman working it, the concentration, the thought of the designer shaped by expert hands. In the human dimension of the company, shared artistic vision and individual talent form a creative c
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02 The Grafted
Urban Foresty, a call to act look at what is happening now it’s not about us contaminating nature it’s about nature contaminating us it’s changing the relation between the natural sphere and the human sphere we need to learn how to conceive of human
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Bio-facturing: A Tree Is Growing In The Shape Of A Refined Chair Wood Harvesting Instead Of Wood Cutting
Wirksworth, UK wood design Gavin Munro not trained in gardening* The number of city-trapped workers buying plants in an attempt to keep a hold on nature has been on an upwards trajectory. Rather than explaining this away as millennials wanting a
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Youth Culture
Rockaway Beach, New York - and its inhabitants. A seasonal town. The shoot takes place in a quirky community garden
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Bodies In The Dark
total look Dior Men, photography Enrico Brunetti, fashion editor Giorgia FuzioTEAM hair Anais Lucas Sebagh, makeup Jennifer Le Corre @atomo, production pbj inccasting direction by Margeaux, model Chahine Zegga @theclawmodels ■
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Favini Shiro Echo White paper – 100% recycled, biodegradable and FSC™ certified The cellulose fibers come from pre and post-consumer paper recycling. From selected separate waste collection, like office waste. This high-quality pulp is subjected to t
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Stefano Boeri
the Anthropocene: Giorgio Vacchiano, Emanuele Coccia nocturnal suburb / Bruto FnZ Tirana, London, Milan – politics and research London, vegetal resistance / Lorenzo Zandri parks and literature: Petra Blaisse the Fragility of a Species / Marina Ballo
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More Than 24,000 Acres – Protecting The Italian Hills, The Area Surrounding The Mills
North Italy Zegna Forest Heart Casa Zegna conserving forests a forest to be restored Ermenegildo Zenga has introduced a project named ‘Zegna Forest’ launching alongside the Fall 2020 campaign featuring clothes designed by Artistic Director Aless
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Self Portraiture
home, living space and the objects that we have in it. Life in NYC before — it was about meeting, connecting, networking. The whole city shrunk to one safe space — my one bedroom apartment in the East Village. The safe space is more important now tha
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Collecting Data From Different Sources To Disclose The Value Of A Brand
Seattle environment, social, governance CSRHub aggregator EGS data sources Cynthia Figge started being concerned with sustainability before it was trendy, before it was considered necessary and inevitable. In 1996 she had already founded EKOS Intern
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We Think The Forest Is Out There, But It’s Inside Us
Milano July 2020 not an ontological relativism but rather promoting a sort of double simultaneous movement Stefano Boeri Centennial scientist James Lovelock recounts his insight into Gaia as he investigates the possibility of a human species tra
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Master Of Parks: The Gentrification Matter In New York City
Manhattan, NY February 2020 M. Silver, NYC Park Commissioner suburban documenting reportage New York City needs green space. To promote the health and well-being of a growing population — and meet the problems of pollution and climate change head
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Creation / Destruction
TEAM styling assistant Alexa Levine, model Sara Skinner @Heroes ■
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The Beauty Industry – A Challenge Of Transparency And Biodiversity
The question is: how can those in the cosmetics world become part of the upcoming circular economy? The answer lies within biodiversity and its protection. Beauty products derive from natural ingredients that have been extracted from plants. Companie
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A Tale Of Three Cities – Tirana, London, Milan
Politecnico di Milano September 2020 Anuela Ristani Shirley Rodrigues Maria Chiara Pastore Deputy Mayor Foreign Relations, Tirana Deputy Mayor Environment and Energy, London Scientific Director Forestami, Milano Tirana The vision of becoming
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Demineralizing The City: Urban Green Grafts
the High Line - New York City Fiume Verde - Milano urban projects to be compared July 2020 re-embracing living nature The High Line is a 1.5 mile park, transformed from a defunct railway stretching from the Meatpacking District to the Hudson Rai
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How To Keep Your Parents Educated And Entertained
how to keep your parents educated and entertained during lockdown Marlon Rueberg TEAM stylist assistant Michele Catelani, model Yamali Lopez @2mmodelspecial thanks Steiff for the teddy bears and the monkey,Anita Galli and Sophie Capanna for the r
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Yarn Made From Discarded Materials – Fishing Nets, Fabric Scraps, Carpets
Nylon was first synthesized in 1935 by American gunpowder and chemical manufacturer DuPont, after eight years of research on synthetic polymers that also resulted in the invention of neoprene, Lycra, flame-resistant Nomex, and faux leather Corfam, to
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Parks And Literature – You Need To Be Mindful That You Are Building A Foundation For The Future
Amsterdam August 2020 private commissions as a matter of ethics public spaces as civil commitments BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi, Milano With Covid-19 pushing us six feet apart and out in the open, dependency on green spaces stands at an all-tim
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Walking The Line Towards A Paradigm Of Symbiosis
there was the pedestrian who would let himself be jostled by the crowd, but there was also the flâneur who demanded elbow room and was unwilling to forgo the life of a gentleman of leisure. Let the many attend to their daily affairs; the man of leisu
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Beyond Possession
a confinement story – a home invasion represents stripping someone of their intimacy, violently subjecting them to a loss of dignity and power. I imagine submitting myself to the role of an aggressed upper-middle class where a deliberate eroticism is
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Giorgio Armani, The Ratio Of Traceability — How Serious Must We Be?
Armani Beauty – My Way Milano Nigel Salter, adviser and facilitator in the global sustainability agenda, has been involved in development of the product, overseeing and advising Armani Beauty on strategies to help bring about tangible change in the
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Botanical Considerations For Revised Landscapes – Foliage Contributes In Dissipating Wind Force Up To 15%
Milano September 2020 Agronomist Laura Gatti Vertical Forest Professor Pier Mannuccio Mannucci Pier Mannuccio Mannucci The belief that green areas can prevent and cure diseases goes back to the Medieval period, but it was mainly in the United Ki
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Just About Us: We Build Our Own Future One Relationship At A Time
Vermont inclusive communities reimagining the relationship July 2020 African Americans to the Great Outdoors George Floyd was brutally killed by the police in Minneapolis on May 25th 2020. Earlier that same day, an incident took place in New Yo
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A Few Habits
early summer days in Berlin, Stine and I. Dog walking became a valuable legitimacy to breath outside the house, to leave the house in the first place, for some. As inside options too were more limited than usual, cutting hair, shaving head apparently
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Trees To Compensate For Carbon Emissions – A Step Forward, To Be Honest
Milano the credit that matters IFCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change At present, twenty countries are responsible for at least 75 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions, with China and the United States contributing the most. This i
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Humans And Animals In The Same Cities Alliance Or Rivalry?
London / Milan / Mexico City / Jaipur / Tokyo August 2020 Enrico Alleva Gheppio falcon Fredi Devas Dining companions is the term used by ethologists to refer to animals that live on food waste from other species. In the Old Stone Age, the mouse
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We Must Become Idealists To Confront This World
Hans Ulrich Obrist April 2020 Serpentine Galleries, London Stefano Boeri Triennale, Milano Cornelia Lauf I thought we’d take the occasion of the world’s circumstances to use this as more than an interview and as a possible manifesto, since we are
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The Darkroom Is A Bathroom
Man Ray’s photograms of the Twenties were a technical study in the materiality of photo paper. I built a basic darkroom in my bathroom with cheap construction material. Along with fashion items, I incorporated found objects from my home, limiting mys
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The Commitment Issue
We started working on this issue of Lampoon over a year ago. Sustainable crafting and manufacturing had been on our radar for years. The word sustainability was already quite widespread — perhaps a utopia. When reviewing any submitted drafts before p
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