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Test: Cherry Audio Eight Voice
The original dates from 1977 and, as with the Two Voice and Four Voice, several SEM modules serve as the basis. Each Synthesizer Expander Module contains a complete analog voice including two oscillators, multimode filter, amplifier, two envelopes an
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Production Music: How To Get Started!
Beat / Could you briefly explain what production music is? Anselm / Production music has been specially produced for later use in audiovisual productions (features, films, documentaries, commercials, trailers, etc.) or auditory productions (audio boo
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Finish Him! Game Music For Mortal Kombat
Beat / How does composing music for games differ from composing film music or production music? Armin and Matthias / Film music is primarily about supporting the images and the story behind them. You try to intensify and guide the emotions with the h
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Big Beat à la The Prodigy Although hits by The Prodigy like „Firestarter“, „Smack My Bitch Up“ and „Omen“ rely on drum & bass typical breakbeats, they move at a tempo between 130 and 140 BPM. For our big beat track, we create a new project at 136 BPM. We
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Back in 1988, HOFA was founded as a professional recording studio. Since then, the company has developed steadily and is now one of the largest service providers in the field of audio and media production in German-speaking countries. In addition to
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Software Highlights
A full DAW, Drum Sampler, Looper and Groovebox all in one? MPC Beats is all that and delivers 13 GB of high-quality drums, loops and instruments that enhance every style of music. This software can be used stand-alone or as a VST/AU plug-in in any DA
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Music Reviews
Interesting concept. Deine Lakaien recorded the first double album of their career. CD two are ten cover versions such as “Because The Night” (Patti Smith Group), “Dust In The Wind” (Kansas), “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden) or “My December” (Linkin Pa
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Epic Sound In Three Acts
Like many trailer compositions, our track with 95 BPM begins quite reduced. A good way to start the composition is to use the piano to sketch out harmonic, as well as melodic and rhythmic ideas. We have chosen a piano patch from the library Orchestra
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Stock Audio & Music Licensing: 6 Recommended Services
Actually known as a supplier of images and videos, Shutterstock has also been offering audio material for license-free reuse for quite some time. The stylistic range is extremely broad and offers everything from epic and trailer music to background m
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Producer Tips on Beat Podcast
Which hardware plug-ins do others like to use, what do they pay attention to when producing their music, how is their studio set up? When working with labels, producing remixes or at live events, one thing quickly became clear to our host Rüdiger Kel
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Arrangement: Epic Trailer Music
Our trailer track is based on the classic trailer structure with three acts and a steady increase up to the climax. It starts in a completely reduced way with atmospheric piano chords. Slowly rising chords of a string ensemble and staccato strings in
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Make Pitch Shifts Creative Again
Import the included sample Vocal Loop 128 BPM into a new project in Cubase. Adjust the tempo of the project to 128 BPM. Then select the audio event and position the locators at the beginning and end of the loop by pressing the P key. Then turn on Cyc
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Talking to Andreas Moisa
Beat / Hi Andreas, tell us briefly about your beginnings. Andreas / I compose music with Philipp Kümpel. We played in a band in the late 1990s. After it broke up, we continued together. Since our tracks sounded a lot like film music back then, we dec
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Review: Total Studio 3 MAX
Total Studio 3 includes the sample-based instruments Sample Tank 4 MAX, as well as Syntronik Deluxe. SampleTank is a proven beginner-friendly workstation for all imaginable bread-and-butter sounds, but thanks to the included expansions such as Hitmak
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How To Disappear Completely
Beat / You‘ve mentioned that there was a special creative chemistry between the two of you right from the start. Tell me about that, please. Tine / That‘s right. Already on our first meeting, we immediately started writing and finishing a few songs.
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Publisher (V.i.S.d.P.): Kassian Alexander Goukassian ( Chief Editor: Marco Scherer ( Managing Editor: Mario Schumacher ( Editors: Tobias Fischer, Sascha Blach and Jan Wilking. Editorial Staff: Matth
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Make Your Vocals Stand Out
Load an instrumental project as playback or create a new one. Connect an external microphone and make sure that External is shown in the display by pressing EDIT and the Mic-ON button. Otherwise, change it by turning the CTRL-3 knob, and confirm the
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Drones + Beat = Dark Techno?
Especially drones and spherical pads contribute a lot to the density and mood of the tracks. And that is easier said than done, because with pad sounds you get the label „oldschool“ faster than you would like. So we‘d rather create a “future-proof” d
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Swedish developers Softube have put together their Volume 5 mixing and mastering bundle. It contains guitar sounds, reverb effects, compressors, equalizers, modulation effects and distortion, including the four new effects Amp Room, Marshall Cabinet
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Three Kontakt Must-haves For Orchestral Arrangements
A Swiss army among the orchestral Kontakt libraries. The focus is not on individual instruments, but on a sophisticated ensemble engine with a quintuple arpeggiator. This allows you to quickly create orchestral figures and patterns. The provided chor
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Navigator: Best of Beat # 185
For many years, Beat has been inspiring its readers not only with practical and musical topics, but above all with the tight integration of editorial content. From the very beginning, Beat has been about creating, about the structured building of ide
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Tears In The Shopping Mall
Kane Scott has an unusual hobby: he likes to destroy songs. Under the name Pluffnub, the hobby musician has built a YouTube channel around completely ruined versions of great pop hits. [1] There are pearls like Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It“ in a versio
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Feature: Studio Synths 2021
One thing is for sure: There was no better time for being a fan of synthesizer than today: Every month, exciting new models are released in all shapes and colors and in every price range. Whether you are planning your entry into the world of hardware
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Review: Sonimus SonEQ 2
With the SonEQ Free, manufacturer Sonimus was able to collect many fans a long time ago. No wonder, the free effect offers an emulation of the legendary EQP-1A complete with the Pultec trick and extra drive function. Soundwise, it‘s first class. The
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Electro vs. Classical Music
For the first 15 years or so of his career, electronic purist Chris Clark enveloped himself in tech, driving the experimental needle on IDM releases like Clarence Park (2001), Body Riddle (2006) and the pounding techno album Turning Dragon (2008). Ye
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Hands-on: Scoring with Native Instruments Mysteria
With Mysteria, the choir and vocal textures are not primarily imported via the keyboard. Only some sounds can be played tonally. The sound sources are controlled by a well thoughtout X/Y control. On the X-axis you can cross-fade between the vocal lay
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More Color In Your Tracks
The Maschine+ offers several ways to record instruments. First, you can connect class-compliant interfaces via USB and use their inputs. These interfaces do not need any drivers to work. Secondly, you can use the connections on the back of the Maschi
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Review: Arturia Pigments 3
Love at second sight. Since Version 2, Arturia‘s Pigments has been one of the busiest software synthesizers in my DAW. Surely most users are already happy with it in its current state. But Arturia is still following up and presents their shining ligh
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Acoustic Fable Worlds
One thing is clear: Game music follows different rules than dance sound. Where a theme is set up in the club in order to finally make the dancers freak out after the breakdown, soundtracks work more subtle and serve as support for the imagery that ca
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