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Loose Weight During Menopause
Suddenly it starts. With heat waves, sleep disorders, hair loss, fat belly and a bad mood. And then we have them on the heels for 10 to 15 years (!): Welcome to menopause! Where almost all of us have to go: This big hormonal changes builds on the pro
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Homemade Or Self-made
We all have everything and nothing at the same time. We are often dissatisfied, complain, grumble and are not even aware of our fullness. The stress chases us through life and gives us almost no time to take a break and reflect. I would like to invit
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Healthy Through Spring With Ayurveda
Spring breathes new life into nature. What was dry and withered in winter now begins to green and bloom. Wonderful scents and fresh colors lure us into nature. Plants are pollinated, animals mate, many people fall in love - everything in nature revol
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When I woke up early in the morning, the “smile” faded. Every movement caused intense pain. That cannot be, I thought. I felt muscles that I did not even know existed in my body. The day before, my colleague brought in a new training device called Sm
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The Frustration With Lust
Menopause has a lot to offer. Some women do not even know how many times they have changed since getting up. One heat wave chases the next. Another would like to move to a desert island and just let the tears run. Moreover, the bleeding suddenly beco
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I Am Very Excited!
I am looking forward to something which I do not even know what to expect or what I‘m in for. I have an appointment with the mind reader Sabine. Sabine was recommended to me because she deals with something extraordinary, with neurography. After a sh
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The Magic Of The Neurography
I am always fascinated by the results of this simple, brilliant scientific method. It grasps where words are still missing, makes the invisible visible, strengthens and revitalises easily only with pen and paper. As one of the first qualified neurogr
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Live The Goddess In You!
True goddesses are rare! They care about intensity and vitality. They are not afraid of changes in life. Because they know that each change brings new and interesting experiences. The true goddesses have freed themselves from stereotypes and regained
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Carrot Oil
Finally, the days are getting longer and warmer. The sun tickles our noses and the warm sunrays cover our skin. A nourishing carrot oil is recommended for daily care. The skin is cared for with valuable provitamin A and important antioxidants. And ap
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Dear reader! How to find your “WHY” in menopause - that was the inspiration for the magazine MENOPAUSE. We are now in the 2nd year of the magazine. There has been such a lot going on and a lot of new things have been done since the first publication.
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First Aid For Menopause Symptoms
I have always lived healthy and I‘ve always been healthy, but now, during the menopause, everything is so confusing for me! I have not slept through the night for 2 years and I am tired and lacking energy during the day, I have gained a few pounds, u
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Goddesses Enjoy Their Journey!
If someone goes on a trip, has a lot to tell! Oh yes, there is always something to report, positive and negative. Especially in the menopause we travel through many circumstances, sometimes through sunshine, sometimes through fog, sometimes even thro
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Additional Information By QR Code
You may have noticed that in some articles, QR codes are specified. These should help you to quickly access the relevant websites. If you do not yet have a QR code reader installed on your phone, you will find many free downloads on the Internet and
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Experts This Issue
Expert in menopause, Graduated Body Vital & Spine Trainer, energetic, consultant for menopause retreats, accompanies women through their menopause. Graduated Neurographic trainer, life coach, nurse. She accompanies women in
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Editor Hildegard Aman-Habacht Experts in this issue Hildegard Aman-Habacht Alex Broll Sabine Brudy Lilly-Marie Hoppe Gabriela Höper Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger Abbas Schirmohammadi Daniela Schumacher Susanne Tröstl Graphic design DI in Elisabeth Ho
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Lilly-marie Hoppe Cover Girl
Menopause? Me? I have nothing to do with it! I am young, dynamic, can do everything. After all, it is “only” a question of will! With this attitude, I kept working hard, admittedly, with some iron discipline. I have supported my two children in every
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My Way Out Of The Menopause‘s Mood Lows
Menopause is a challenge for women, after all, there are a lot changes in the body and this also affects the psyche. The ovaries stop producing estrogen and progestogen. The hormones go crazy, the brain tries to counteract them, and the body has to f
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Menopower Slim And Fit During The Menopause
The best years are over! I just have to lump it …? Yes, it is true that: During the hormone changeover, between the ages of 45 and 60 years, the metabolism slows down from year to year. In addition, the body breaks down about one percent of muscle ti
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The Golden Treasure Of The Bach Flowers
Hormonal imbalances occur throughout a woman‘s lifetime. The ups and downs of estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the emotional disharmony that cause us problems during puberty, every month during menstruation and into the menopause. They t
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Longer Young With Cell Renewal
In the last issue we highlighted what makes us age (faster) at all. On the one hand, there are free radicals and acid rain in the cells, which we largely influence ourselves through our unfavorable living habits. And the second theory of aging is the
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