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Wild Welcome
Have you heard of the Japanese word ikigai? Although there’s no direct English translation, ikigai is a term that embodies the idea of happiness in living. Take a moment to think about your ikigai — the reason why you get up in the morning. Is it to
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A Chosen Exile
I landed in Australia in March, 2020, exactly six hours before quarantine was imposed on all travellers arriving into the country. I flew from Berlin with my new partner. We were looking forward to our first romantic holiday but instead ended up in l
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Embracing The Lull
We’ve all experienced a time when we were caught in-between. A moment where we drifted, took a pause or felt stuck. Let’s call it a lull. Lulls create quiet in our lives and compel us to step outside our usual habits and routines. But as with all of
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Immunity For Infinity And Beyond
Your body, including your gut, skin and other mucosal environments, is colonised by a significant number of microbes. Collectively, they are referred to as your microbiota. Bacteria dominate your gut, yet archaea, fungi, viruses and parasites also ex
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Tiny Love Stories
Thirty years ago, Ronnie was speaking at an event in Newcastle when Aunty Kerrie first saw him. “I want that one,” she thought. He was a T-uhoe leader and “a speaker that others would be jealous of … magnificent and beautiful in his language”. Then t
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6 Things About Money You Must Know
Let’s not beat around the bush. School taught us a lot of things, but how to master our financial lives was not one of them. We are not a generation that shies away from taboo topics for the sake of protecting archaic social norms. We want to share t
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Are You sti-free?
Hands intertwined, hearts racing, lips locked — you’re keen to get on with it as much as your new partner. Suddenly your nagging brain kicks in. Red flag. We haven’t talked about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)! Are they STI-free? Asking someo
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Sweet Child O’ Mine
Being a great mum has nothing to do with your relationship status. In fact, it has nothing to do with anybody else. For the women who choose it and thrive in the role, motherhood is simply a state of being. So can you do it on your own? With the help
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What It Means To Be A Full-time Yoga Teacher
“Yoga teacher” has become one of the most aspirational jobs of our time. But it’s not an easy gig to make a living from. Most yoga teachers work part-time, juggle a few classes a week and have a side hustle. Of course, it’s possible to be a full-time
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Non-hormonal Contraception Methods
Knowledge is power and being informed about all the contraceptive options available can help you decide which is best for your health. Why choose non-hormonal contraception? You want to keep your own wonderful endogenous hormones flowing through your
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Sjana Earp
When do you feel wild? What makes you feel the most alive? Stripping bare, whether it be of my clothes or my emotions, and existing unapologetically. Sometimes that could see me being a “rudie nudie” in the bush or on the beach and taking a skinny di
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Anna Walsh Draws Flowers
What makes you feel the most wild and alive? I guess I would have to say painting. I am very much a homebody and quite an introvert, so I’m not exactly an adventurous person. However, when I am really in the flow with an artwork, time just flies by a
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Planet-friendly Periods
Staying at home this year has brought about some inconvenient truths. For one, the magical sanitary-product-removing fairies who take care of those bathroom bins at work don’t appear to be doing home visits (rude!). This has been an unexpected and di
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Female Form
When do you feel wild? What makes you feel the most alive? I feel the most alive when immersed in whatever creative scenario I find myself in, whether that’s designing things, dreaming up ideas and bringing my visions to life. Music and movement, my
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Aries, you are a fireball of passion trailblazing and starting things with your magic, energising touch. This season for you is all about slowing down to become more deliberate and clear. Mars, your ruler, has been retrograde since the 9th of Septemb
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Mental Health
There are many things that we can collectively do to help combat our alarming suicide statistics. Remember that suicide prevention is up to every single one of us. It is important to take time to learn some basic things that you might be able to do t
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Treasure Hunt
What makes you feel the most wild? Hands down, being with my friends and going skinny dipping in the ocean is something that makes me feel the most alive and wild (although I don’t get to do it too often). In my work I feel particularly invigorated w
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Healthy Hair, Naturally
Split ends, frizzy fly-aways, dull and dehydrated hair? If you’ve complained about these hair woes, there are ways to overcome them — but don’t expect the answers to await inside the latest haircare packaging. Traditional advice of “it’s the products
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She’s Got Style
What makes you feel the most wild and alive? I love to exercise and work hard to eat well, keeping my diet as natural as possible. This, along with an occasional matcha latte, gives me the energy to run my company while enjoying being a new mum. I al
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Delicious Japanese food
If you love Japanese food but feel intimidated by the difficult techniques and hard-to-source ingredients, you are who Aya Nishimura, the Japanese-born food stylist and home economist, had in mind when creating Japanese Food Made Easy. Within the bea
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Skin For All Seasons
There’s a reason why Clémence Organics has only a single line of products in its range. “It’s because I don’t believe in skin types,” says founder and naturopath Bridget Carmady. “I know it’s a bold statement but hear me out.” Bridget says the skin t
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Leather Love
What is a quality you love about yourself and another you love about your work? The qualities I value most about myself are my determination and positivity. I think these have been crucial in enhancing so many aspects of my life. In work I love being
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Brain Food
NEAL LAYTON, HACHETTE Looking for a simple and clear way to explain climate change to your kids? Neal Layton’s latest children’s picture book, A Climate in Chaos, is written for kids aged five years or older and clearly explains what climate change i
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Ethical Beauty For A Better World
How do you live a wild life? By being authentic, living my true purpose and having a positive impact on people’s lives. Also, by sharing life with family and friends, living by the beach and creating a business that empowers people by adding value to
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Meet Australian artists Miimi + Jiinda
Melissa, when do you feel wild? What makes you feel the most alive? I feel wild when I create artworks. I love getting messy in the studio, mixing and matching paints, brushes, painting tools and pouring paint across the canvas. I feel at total sense
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The Soul’s Blueprint
Daisy Clementine Douglas begins our online session with an opening prayer. Her voice is soft and knowledgeable as she asks me to close my eyes and bring awareness to my breath. She moves presence through my entire body, connecting with Mother Earth a
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Tea For Two
What makes you feel alive? I feel alive when I’m walking along the beach and it’s windy and stormy. It’s electrifying and makes me feel like I could fly. When and what inspired you to create Organic Merchant? I’ve always been drawn to nature, even as
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Saxon Kent
Visit his work at saxonkent.com.au or @saxonkent on Instagram. ■
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In The Wild
Clémence Organics has created an organic super serum, highlighted by rosehip, calendula and jojoba, which promotes skin repair and renewal and rapidly calms redness, pigmentation and scarring. Fast absorbing, this serum will leave skin feeling nouris
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