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Can You Help?
Carlisle Archives and local museum Tullie House are appealing to people to help them increase the representation of the area’s black communities in their collections. To mark Black History Month in October, they have launched the Black Memories Matte
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Who Was “Cdh”?
The Castle of Le Blanc, by “CDH”, gripped Lady’s Magazine readers between 1816 and 1818. When this suspenseful serial began, its author’s identity was unknown. In February 1817, subscribers learnt that she was female via a poetic puzzle called a rebu
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Expert’s Tips
Researching cemeteries can be a rather daunting task. Historic Environment Records (HERs) are an important starting point for anyone interested in the archaeology and historic environment of a defined geographical area. Previously known as Sites and
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This overview includes the Titanic, the Mary Rose and an attack by a sperm whale that inspired Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.  a Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 3DW t 01424 437452 e info@shipwreckmuseum. co.uk w shipwreckmuseum.co.uk Reope
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Surviving Records
w bit.ly/fh-pre-1841 w bit.ly/genuki-wales-1801 w bit.ly/nrs-scot-pre-1841 w bit.ly/fmp-dartford-1801 w bit.ly/ genuki-devonpre-1841 w bit.ly/fp-ealing-1801-1811 w bit.ly/hants-ford-1801a w bit.ly/hants-ford-1801b w bit.ly/hants-ford-1801c w bi
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News In Brief
A new set of 103,900 burial records covering three centuries in Exeter is now available on deceasedonline. com. Following a deal with Exeter City Council, the burial records website added 73,779 records from Higher Cemetery (1862–2019); 23,387 record
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Edinburgh University Press, 2021 The biography of the first modern women’s magazine is due next year. George Allen and Unwin, 1972 This remains the best study of 18th-century women’s periodicals. w bsb-muenchen.de/en Digital copies of the magazin
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Go Further
w adur-worthing.gov.uk/burial-search Always check with local councils to see if there’s online access to records of municipal cemeteries. This example is from Sussex. w bit.ly/3obdrNI Search 360,000 Belfast burial records from three cemeteries datin
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Searching For An Elusive Birth Record
If you’re not sure of the date when ordering a birth record (https://www.gro. gov.uk/gro), request a three-year span. If other criteria match exactly then you should be able to select this option. Try a DNA test. 23andme.com (above) has 10 million u
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Hutchinson reveals the changes to the census since 1801, and what it tells us about society. Higgs’ handbook covers census records for 1801–1901. You can read a review of this brand-new book on page 84. ■
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Historian Protests TNA’s Restrictions On Access
Historian and novelist Guy Walters has written to the culture secretary as researchers continue to complain about access restrictions at The National Archives in Kew (TNA). TNA reopened in July following the lockdown, with new restrictions. The buil
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‘My Family Fled The Sudetenland When Germany Invaded’
On 1 October 1938, Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland began and Nazi forces started to parade in. Hitler’s propaganda machine justified the move by stating that the three million Sudeten Germans living in this border area of Czechoslovakia had b
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Visit Us
e collections@internationalbcc.co.uk w internationalbcc.co.uk/history-archive/digital-archive The International Bomber Command Centre Digital Archive is housed at the University of Lincoln. More than 14,000 items relating to RAF Bomber Command, inclu
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‘Dna Solved The Mystery Of My Biological Grandad’
The Second World War and its aftermath left lasting ripples in many family trees. Fathers had fewer rights in the mid-20th century and if a woman was prepared to bring up a child alone, she could end the relationship forever. Nicola Crawley is a keen
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Kate Tiller Boydell & Brewer, 328 pages, £19.99 Dr Kate Tiller OBE is a renowned expert in her field. This updated, third edition of her English Local History: An Introduction – a title that was originally issued by Sutton Publishing in 1992 – is an
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13 December 1891
Church furnishings were serious business at St Mary’s Church in Newry (now in Northern Ireland). According to a news article in the South Wales Echo, the vestrymen of the church objected to a communion cloth bearing the initials “IHS”. Eleven of them
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w search.arch.be If you’re looking for a Second World War refugee who escaped via Belgium or a Belgian who became displaced, search the country’s state archives. w nationalarchives.gov.uk The fund recorded the names of almost 20,000 wartime refugees
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POW’s log, 1941–1945
During the Second World War Jim Tyrie (1919–1993) served as a flight lieutenant with 77 Squadron. He was captured in 1941 when his plane was shot down, and spent the rest of the war in German prisoner-of-war camps – including Stalag Luft 3, the site
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Reader Tips
• Don’t give up. If I didn’t have the strength of my love for Dad, I would have closed the laptop lid years before. • Check family folklore carefully – it can sometimes be misleading. • Parents had 42 days to register a birth. So if you can’t find on
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Reader Review
ANTHONY RICHARDS Imperial War Museums, 176 pages, £12.99 This Christmas will likely be different from any that most us have known, but this little book puts it all in perspective. Christmas in both world wars is covered, including the Christmas Truc
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Ancestry Releases Poor Law Records From Bedfordshire
A new set of historic records of the poor of Bedfordshire has been digitised on Ancestry (ancestry.co.uk). Among the new set of workhouse and Poor Law records are admission and discharge registers, staff registers, out-relief records, removal orders
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The Big Picture
Nurses stir a Christmas pudding at Guy’s Hospital in Southwark, Central London, November 1938 During this pandemic we have been reminded of the value of our key workers, including the nurses who work so hard on their patients’ behalf. This was no le
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Ww2 Army Service Records
Service records are by far the most important documents for researching ancestors who served in the British Army during the Second World War. They were kept to provide an accurate record of a soldier’s service, and are a rich source of information th
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Cracking Christmas
When a reporter from the Pall Mall Gazette visited Tom Smith’s cracker factory in December 1889, he described it as “the greatest cracker show on earth” starring “fairies of every nation; Father Christmases fat and lean, Father Christmases short and
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Meet The Author
What inspired you to write this book? It was a mix of different reasons. I had quite a complicated childhood. So I wrote it partly to make sense of my past, and I wrote the material about museums because I’ve always loved them and wanted to find a w
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The Hold Opens Its Doors
The Hold, Suffolk’s new archive building, finally opened to the public on 2 October, although full access has been delayed due to Covid-19. The £20 million building on Ipswich Waterfront has archives and an exhibition space, plus teaching spaces for
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Have You Hit A Brick Wall?
Please email your questions or family photographs to the following address: wdytyaquestions@immediate.co.uk If selected, your query will be answered on these pages. Please note that we receive a large volume of correspondence each month, and cannot
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Service And Casualty Form
Frustratingly, locations weren’t always recorded in any detail. Often you’ll simply find “UK”, “Field”, “India” and so on in this column. The date of the soldier’s conscription is recorded here, along with the units he was sent to during the course o
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Tom Smith 1823–1869
Thomas ‘Tom’ Smith was born in Newington, then in Surrey, in 1823. At the age of just seven, Smith began work as an apprentice in a bakery and ornamental confectioner’s shop in London. His years in the shop enabled him to learn the skills that would
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Digital Picks
bit.ly/absolutehistory Free This YouTube channel is crammed with “fun, shocking and curious tales from throughout history”. Highlights include historian Suzannah Lipscomb’s series Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home and episodes of the series Edw
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