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Next month in THE WORLD OF Cross Stitching
ISSUE 308 ON SALE 18 MAY These sweet stitchy pincushions are an essential addition to your craft room Choose from seven card designs to let teachers know you think they’re A+ Get beach ready by stitching Jenny Barton’s fun tropical fruits designs Enj
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Well Done, Gromit!
We know he likes a spot of knitting so we’re sure Gromit will be able to turn his paws to cross stitch and recreate this splendid portrait of himself and Wallace. Styled on the framed photo of the much-loved duo, and one of Gromit’s most prized posse
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Let’s Rock!
Stitch Cheryl McKinnon’s music-filled designs to get you in the mood for a summer of dancing in the outdoors ⨯ 34 quick-and-easy motifs ⨯ Cheryl’s design inspiration ⨯ Stitches for every skill level ⨯ Helpful tips and advice ⨯ Unique present ideas fo
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Enter To Win!
If you’re looking for some super ideas and supplies to get your springtime projects on track, LoveCrafts* should be your first port of call. Choose from your favourite branded kits including Heritage Crafts, Vervaco and Historical Sampler Company, st
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Websites You’ll Love
ThreadIT is a dedicated online space from the Embroiderers’ Guild where stitchers can meet, talk and discover embroidery and textile arts. Open to beginners and the experienced needlewoman, share skills and browse the Stitch Directory and pages of vi
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Meet Some Of Our Designers…
Perry’s playful recipe design uses delicate backstitch to list the ingredients needed for a happy holiday time spent with family and friends (p20). Gardeners and stitchers alike will delight in Amanda’s watercolour-style sweet pea design (p38). We’ve
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Happy holiday
Our modern world doesn’t always help us to prioritise the most important things in life. With increasing screen time and technological distractions, we can easily forget the pleasures of simple meals together, laughter and shared memories. This sweet
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Beach Wedding
The sound of ocean waves lapping, the feel of soft sand beneath your feet, the scent of freshly picked flowers and the sun beating down… The brilliant thing about destination weddings is that, for the guests, it can be one of the best days of their l
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Online News
Enjoy a round-up of our fave makes from across our social community
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Faby’s Masterclass
This series has been designed especially for those of you who are keen to learn new stitches and treat yourself to a fun monthly challenge. The designs will cover a variety of styles and themes each issue and every pattern is small enough that it can
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3 Issues For £5
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Event Of The Month
The Royal School of Needlework is launching a Live Online International Summer School in July. Open to stitchers from all around the world, enjoy RSN’s world-renowned tuition and lectures and exciting class designs including a Tudor Rose and Goldwork
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The World of Cross Stitching
Editor Hannah Fletcher Production Editor Christina Hughes Senior Art Editor Sue White Designer Lynne Guyler Senior Technical Editor Fiona Baker Charting Assistant Hannah Erskine Photography Steve Sayers Contributors Claire Vaughan, Hannah Bellis, Hea
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Spring Savings
6 ISSUES FOR £9.99 2 EASY WAYS TO ORDER Visit Call 0330 053 8660 quote code SPR21SP Terms & Conditions: This offer closes on 10th May 2021 and is valid for UK delivery addresses and by direct debit only. The discounts sho
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13 Issues For £30
CELEBRATING 300 ISSUES OF GARDENS ILLUSTRATED • Save over 50% – just £2.30 an issue* • Enjoy every issue of Gardens Illustrated direct to your door Subscribe online at or call our subscriber hotline on 03330 16
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Your Letters
During the summer we have this on display in my house. It all started with a kit I bought, I changed the aida from 14-count to 18-count so it would fit in the box as a background. I’m also into miniatures (1:12 scale) and added some to the box to giv
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King Of The River
Like ripples of water gently spreading across the surface of a quiet pond, cross stitch can instil a great feeling of calm and focus in an otherwise turbulent world. Some designs are especially good at creating that mindful moment as you stitch, and
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I’m so excited to bring you the timeless comedy duo, Wallace & Gromit on page 10! You’ll definitely want to put the kettle on and settle into your favourite armchair with this smashing portrait. As the days get warmer and lockdown rules start to ease
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Stitching Help!
Don’t forget to send all your stitchy questions and design requests in to us! Email us at: Write to: Ask the Experts, The World of Cross Stitching, Immediate Media Co, Eagle House, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4ST
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How To…
Start with these must-have items Begin with either aida or evenweave. Aida is best for beginners, with regular woven blocks and obvious holes. It’s stiffer than evenweave, but will soften slightly as you work. The most common fabric is 14-count aida.
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Friendly Advice
Billie Cope: Don’t stress too much about the back. I jump around a bit and keep the ends trimmed, when I do have to cut the thread, to prevent tangles and knots. Vicky Campbell: I use the loop method to start and make sure I keep the ends trimmed to
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Alyssa Westhoek
Tell us about your home life I live with my boyfriend and business partner in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. It is my hometown, where I was born and raised! We work from home, where I have a studio, but I can also be found in our garden where I love to
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Meet Our Guests
is a drama teacher from Salford How did you start stitching? I was 13 and my first piece was a Forever Friends wedding gift for some family friends who still have it up in their house 25 years later! Fave cross stitch project? ‘Spring Window’ pattern
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Heaven scent
With their delicate petals, angular square stems and twisting tendrils, the climbing sweet pea is a gardener’s delight, not to mention the heady fragrance that instantly transports us to midsummer. Amanda Gregory has captured the intricacies of these
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⨯ ANCHOR Threads available in the UK from LoveCrafts Kits available in the UK from Black Sheep Wools 01925 764231 ⨯ DMC 01924 371501 For kits, fabrics, threads & more Where t
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In The Spotlight
Q Does the designer John Clayton have a website? Many designers have great sites and social media, but I can only find his charts for sale and I’d love to know more about him. Jamie Frank, USA A Susan says: John Clayton has been working with Heritage
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Ask The Experts
Q My parents celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2021 and I’m looking to stitch a bear project for them, as that has been their pet name for each other since they met. I can’t find a pattern of two adult bears next to each other, please help. Steph R
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Your EXCLUSIVE gift!
TOP TIP Smooth out the thread and let your needle hang down regularly to help keep the backstitches straight for Ed’s prickles STITCH COUNT 42 high x 35 wide DESIGN AREA 14 HPI (28-count evenweave) – 7.5x6.5cm (3x2½in) ILLUSTRATION CONVERTED BY Fiona
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Pet Of The Month
No. 1 pet • The Cavachon is a relatively new mixed breed, the first was seen in North America in 1996. • Sweet-tempered, Cavachons have gentle and accepting natures, and make lovely companions. They’re known for their happy personalities. • Bred from
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Technique Focus
Q I’m stitching a chart and it requires fractional stitches – my problem is in any one square there are two symbols (eg. a star in the top right and an arrow in the bottom left corner). How do I work them so that both pieces of thread are visible, or
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