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San Marco Allroad Open-fit Dynamic
£74.99 San Marco’s AllRoad saddle is designed for all-day comfort both on-and off-road. Its nylon shell features a large central cut-out that’s 125mm long and 32mm at its widest, with a subtle channel running from front to rear. In profile, it has a
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Strength In Numbers
A roller-coaster 2020 may have changed the way we ride our bikes, but it certainly didn’t stop us from cycling, if Strava’s Year in Sport review is any measure. The report, from the world’s leading social community for cyclists, delves into the activ
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£160 (pair) Puncture-busting inserts TYRE WIDTH 33mm-46mm INNER RIM WIDTH 19mm-26mm WEIGHT 120g WHEEL DIAMETER 700c Foam tyre inserts were developed as protection for more technical mountain biking, as the grip advantage of riding at lower pressures
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Much of life is a mystery. Science still has little idea how ice skates work, what music is, or why we sleep. (“The purpose of sleep”, stated one eminent somnologist, “is to cure sleepiness.”) Cycling may be two centuries old, but there are many unre
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Thigh Pressure
I live on the North Downs. More correctly, in a valley nestled in the North Downs, in a spot that necessitates that whenever and wherever I head out for a ride, the first action is always to climb. Not so much a problem on the way out, but more so on
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Fsa Flowtron Agx
£269.95 Adjustable seatpost for gravel and beyond First, a full disclosure: this tester hasn’t ridden on a mountain bike without a dropper for about 10 years. But an adjustable seatpost on a gravel bike? The advantages on more technical terrain are o
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Carb Control
Elite-level cyclists are often essentially ‘grazers’ and almost always eating. A varied diet that’s high in carbs coupled with the need for a steady stream of minerals, vitamins and protein – plus the weight-managing ‘little and often’ approach – all
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Words Of Wisdom…
“People come here to start a journey. They tick it off their list. They do it to beat a record, or to try and beat a record. They do it for charity. They do it because someone died, or someone is dying. They do it for none of these reasons – just bec
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Velolife, Maidenhead
Velolife, situated in the east Berkshire countryside halfway between Henley and Maidenhead, briefly made national news last year when an anti-cycling local tried, unsuccessfully, to get it shut down. Today, it’s talked about for the right reasons: as
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Adrenaline Adventure
When the time is right to book a holiday in 2021, make Carmarthenshire in Wales the destination for your next two-wheeled adventure break. With its rugged coastline, epic mountains and breathtaking vistas, this corner of south-west Wales is the perfe
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The Manufacturer
Mason Cycles is a handmade bicycle company based on the fringes of Brighton. Callum Nicklin, marketing manager, explains to Cycling Plus how the dual issues of Brexit and Covid-19 have affected the independent business, or not as the case may be… How
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Cycling Plus
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Huawei Gt 2
£199.99 Ignoring the politics, does Huawei’s GT 2 cut it for cyclists? Huawei has aroused controversy around its security in the UK, but here I’ll focus on whether its GT 2 smart watch is fit for cyclists. I tested the 46mm-face version (42mm is also
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Four Essentials
Nuasan’s all-natural organic bodywash is enriched with magnesium and Arnica to help tired muscles recover, while Nuasan’s active ingredient L+pH Control claims to kill the bacteria that causes body odour. The kit also contains biodegradable, bamboo-b
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Our Awards
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Scarce Stories
On the Tuesday, we were like, ‘We’re golden. We come in as regulation 8714, go out as a complete bike on 8712. Ding, no tariffs,’ says Yorkshire bike brand Cotic’s owner and founder Cy Turner on his reaction to reading the UK-EU’s trade agreement, fi
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Garmin Forerunner 945
£499.99 It has a high price tag, but is the Forerunner 945 the ultimate sports watch? Garmin’s slightly confusing range also includes the Forerunner 745, reviewed opposite, and the Fenix 6, which essentially has the same features at the 945 but comes
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Chicken Pilaf Tray Bake
Enriched with spices, including turmeric, this protein-packed dish will appeal to those who like Middle Eastern flavours. Turmeric has grown in popularity as it contains curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. To se
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The Distributor
We spoke to a UK bike distributor, who wished to remain anonymous, about how the dual issues of Brexit and Covid-19 have affected business over the past year, and what bike consumers can expect going forward… How has leaving the EU affected your comp
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Lapierre Xelius Sl Disc 5.0
£2249 Is this Dijon-born bike as hot as mustard? The Xelius has long been a mainstay in Lapierre’s range – its triple-triangle frame has been ridden by the Groupama-FDJ pro team since 2009. From its original inception, the Xelius was intended as an a
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Five Things We Learned This Month…
Doing upper-body exercises before a ride can significantly diminish cycling performance, a study published in journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise has shown. Central fatigue is cited as one reason, and riders on a training programme are ad
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Boyd Prologue Series 44mm
Circa £748 An affordable wheelset from the USA Boyd’s Prologue wheel borrows the wind tunnel-optimised rim shape of the brand’s premium line, Podium. With a few manufacturing tweaks to reduce costs, these are top-quality disc wheels at a low price po
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Wilier Filante Slr
ALSO INSIDE Pedals group test Upgrades from Giro and Suplest Gravel groupset shootout The pitfalls of progress and how to avoid them The cyclists who kept Britain moving in 2020 How e-road bikes are prolonging our time in the saddle A 48-page country
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The Uk’s Best Tests For Over 25 Years
We take our testing very seriously at Cycling Plus. For more than 25 years – back to an age when disc brakes, Di2 and super-wide 1x gearing weren’t even a glint in a designer’s eye – we have been putting road cycling products through their paces. War
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Yesterday’s News
Yesterday I was contacted out of the blue by a well-known broadcaster who I hadn’t heard from for a couple of years. After an exchange of pleasantries, it didn’t take long for me to establish what it was he was really after, and my heart sank. It tur
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Cycling Plus
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Wahoo Elemnt Rival
£349.99 The turbo innovator enters the watch market… with mixed results This is Wahoo’s first foray into the world of sports watches and it’ll instantly divide opinion. Wahoo says usability is critical to this debut and it has stripped-out features d
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Garmin Forerunner 745
£449.99 Does this runner’s favourite have enough appeal for cyclists? The Forerunner 745 is a streamlined 945, similarly styled and with the same clear 1.2-inch display. The 945 is mightily good, as is the 745 but with quibbles. A key advancement of
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Collegiate Class
£1400 (frameset); complete bike approx £4700 High-grade steel from Cambridge At Cycling Plus we sometimes get the chance to ride bikes so new they arrive as a final prototype. The Newnham is one such bike. While it should be in stores later this year
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