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How To Use Clay Pebbles
1 WATER the flamingo flower thoroughly, so that water is running out of the bottom of the pot. Sit it in a sink to let excess water drain out. 2 PICK a cover pot 2-5cm taller than your plant pot and fill the bottom with clay balls or pebbles. Add wa
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10 Steps To An Organic Lawn
1 Stop using lawn weedkillers, moss killers and non-organic fertilisers. Their effect tends to be short lived and you will become a slave to them in the long run. 2 Improve drainage by aerating and improving the porosity of the lawn’s surface so that
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The crunch of leaves underfoot, dew-damp grass in glowing light, and a tang of woodsmoke and ripening compost tell us that the seasons have shifted. And while 1 January may be the start of a new year by the calendar, this step into October is the gar
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Your Dream Garden PART 3 Planting Techniques
There is nothing more wonderful when you’re creating a garden than getting your hands on new plants. I can feel myself smiling just writing about this part of garden design! It’s a big opportunity to bring the space to life with a selection of plants
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Monty’s Month
The early weeks of October can be lovely and the garden is rich with the daily intensification of the autumnal colouring. But there is also a powerful sense that the season is over and the guests have all taken their things and are heading home. Neve
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We love October
With names like this we cannot help but be transported to a world of hot nights and sweaty dance halls. Sizzling orange, moody ‘Salsa’ and the tight-trousered tension of ‘Taupo Sunset’. Botanically, neither plant would suit a club, but it is October
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Tulips In Pots
From chirpy canary yellow and day-glow orange, through sugary pinks and sumptuous maroons to blends of many shades in a single bloom, tulips offer an unequalled spring colour palette. And there’s no easier way to experiment than in containers – here
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Heat-treated bulbs are available to buy now to plant indoors for early, fragrant blooms in spring. Pot them up into bulb fibre and leave the nose of the bulb above the surface. Place them somewhere cool and dark, such as in a garage, and cover with
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Expert's choice Persicaria
You’d be forgiven for not knowing what a persicaria is. Botanists have been shuffling the names for years – please don’t make me list all the changes – but, even if the name is unfamiliar, you’ll recognise the plants. Those now brought together under
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Your Pruning Month
With summer a fading memory, now is the time to expect the first frosts, cobwebs and autumn colour. And with a regular pruning regime, you not only keep your garden tidy, but you also create dramatic effects with silhouettes and seedheads – and remem
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Greenhouse Namexx
You’ll be picking salad leaves in a couple of months, or whole heads in spring, if you sow winter varieties in trays or border soil in the greenhouse. Sprinkle seeds thinly, cover lightly, then water in. They’ll germinate in a week or two. Give the s
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The Full monty
Covid-19 has changed hugely the way we film Gardeners’ World. I profoundly hope that this is temporary and that next year we can revert to something like the old normal. But I am certain that, whatever happens, we will continue to show the films that
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Fresh From The Plot
The low light and chilly autumn air are slowing things down on the plot, bringing a time of relative calm after a busy summer. While some of the plot is getting ready to sleep, there is still work for me to do. The seeds that I ordered have arrived
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Fruit And Veg
Use secateurs to cut down all your asparagus stems now they have turned brown or yellow. Cut right back to ground level removing the opportunity for asparagus beetle to overwinter there. If you’ve suffered from asparagus beetle this summer, put the s
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A Twist On Raspberry Cheesecake
■ 220g cottage cheese■ 200g full fat soft cheese■ 125g caster sugar■ 140ml soured cream■ 2tbsp cornflour■ 3 eggs■ 150g fresh raspberries ■ 250g digestive biscuit■ 50g butter, melted 1 Heat the oven to 160°C (fan). Crush the biscuits, mix in the but
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Around The Garden
Tulip bulbs are available now in garden centres and from specialist suppliers. There’s a huge array to choose from, offering glorious blooms in a multitude of colours and forms, to light up borders in spring. If you plant them in baskets to plunge in
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Have Your Say
Following on from the Black Lives Matter Movement and Monty’s statement (Full Monty, August issue) I wanted to show my support for “decolonising” the garden. Fully acknowledging and appreciating the chequered histories of our plants is key for a more
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Greenhouse Growing
Right now, the greenhouse is my favourite place to be. It’s dry, so a welcome place to shelter from the blustery garden, but it’s also where I can get planting again, to add some fresh flavours to my winter harvest. This month, I’ll be showing you ho
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Quick solutions
Remove fallen leaves from your lawn with ease by running the mower over them. Fit the grass box, then set the blades high if you don’t want to cut the lawn at the same time. If the leaves are lying thickly, spread them out roughly with a rake first.
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A new logo, guaranteeing the plants you buy are enjoyed by pollinating insects and also free of insecticides, is now in use on plants sold in Wales. To use the Saving Pollinators label, launched by the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW), growers
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Celebrating Apples
Apples have a place in every garden. Whether a dwarf tree in a pot or a fine mature specimen – their versatility, beauty and charm always justifies the space. The flavour of a perfectly ripe fruit, fresh from the tree, is unlike any supermarket apple
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ON TEST Anvil loppers
The autumn-winter pruning season is about to begin and if you’re cutting anything thicker than a finger’s width, then you’ll need a pair of loppers. Bigger and tougher than secateurs, you use them with both hands and their long handles make them idea
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My Gardening World Yotam Ottolenghi
What are your earliest memories of your garden in Israel? We had a tiny peach tree, no taller than I am now, and I remember eating the fruit, picked straight off the tree. Warm white peaches with a sweet perfume, texture on the outside and really ju
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Apple Pollination Explained
Most apple trees aren’t fertile on their own and need another tree nearby that blossoms at or around the same time, to enable the flowers to be pollinated and fruit to form. Varieties are divided into pollination groups, according to when they flower
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Choosing Anvil Loppers
■ What type of work are you doing? Anvil loppers are best for cutting dead wood or for trimming before the final, clean cut with bypass loppers. They are good at cutting thick wood but anything bigger than 50mm needs a pruning saw. All loppers claim
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News In Brief
City bumblebees prefer pink and purple flowers, and perennials over annuals1 . Scientists studied 17 species of urban bumblebee – each has favourite flowers, flower shape is also a factor. Tatton Park, Cheshire, had the best reviews of any National
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Tom’s Top 10 Apples For Flavour
A very attractive, heavy cropping, modern variety. The flesh is white, firm and distinctively crisp. It’s one of the best dessert varieties – very juicy and sweet, with perfectly balanced acidity and notes of strawberry. It makes excellent juice and
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Our Favourites To Suit Your Needs
Surprisingly strong little loppers that are light and powerful, and great for easy general cutting of thicker branches. Well thought-out loppers with a secure locking telescopic mechanism, powerful cutting and flattened bolts to protect wood. Simpl
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